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  1. Tokyo Marui PSG-1 with metal body Modified a metal G3 body to look like the PSG-1 body. It needs a little more work, but is mostly completed. I cut the rear sight off of the body and filled the hole using JB weld and then sanded it smooth, its not perfect but its a 5 foot looker and a lot better performer than the old creeky plastic body. Performance is stock, don't really feel like upgrading it as I probably will never use it other than hanging on the wall.
  2. Here is my latest toy, a Sun Project M4 It has a steel bolt from AS4L, adjustable hop-up, and the start of a flat top, and maybe a few other small upgrades. It shoots pretty well now that I have everything tightened down and loktighted in place, pretty much like an AEG range wise but with killer sound and recoil. The rail is just a riser that was clamped on to the body after the carry handle was removed. I am not terribly fond of the look and will be re-doing the flat top mod a bit nicer. I really just want to convert it back to the A2 style body as I plan on using this with my IDF
  3. Nothing fancy, just a bone stock Marui MP7. Will be getting upgraded with at least a Lipo battery and some external do-dads. Very nice little SMG, Am not sure it is better than my Marui UZI, but it should be a fun little gun to ruin childrens lives with at the local field. Wish the HK trade was intact, but no big deal, still looks and feels killer.
  4. Just picked this up on a trade, pretty cool little replica. I did have a problem arrise with mine, ended up shooting the outer barrel off after two shots. I dont know if anyone else has experienced this problem (Imagine they have) but the locator holes on the outer barrel ended up tearing out and allowed the recoil spring to shoot the barrel off when it fired. I guess that just means I get to buy some upgrades, might as well throw in a Guarder frame and slide set, oh darn
  5. Here is a picture of me from one of my local playing fields. I am using a JAC AUG, which was its first time in the field after some modification were completed. Too bad I did not have my M4 and hat on as it would have been a really cool picture of me using my IDF loadout. That and having my uniform tucked in would have been nice too... Still, its a pretty cool photo.
  6. Never really had a liking for the AUG, but I ended up with a good deal on a classic JAC that I could not pass up. It needed a little bit of work but I have it almost completely ironed out now, and I must say the shape is growing on me. I had to build a new trigger for it and I built a hopup unit for it so now it shoots like an AEG, but with the reliability of a BV system. Should be a fun piece to skirmish with. The scope works too, it is a 1.5x scope, but it extremely sensitive to eye position and is pretty blurry, but it adds to the fun of this gun. I must say that this gun feel
  7. My meager collection of SMG's From Top Left, Clockwise: Marushin UZI Marui UZI Maruzen VZ.61 Hudsom M3 x2 JAC UZI I kinda like UZI's... I want to pick up a few of the missing SMG's on the market, mostly a Maruzen MP5K and a mini-uzi, but these are all fun to play with for now
  8. Here is my latest purchase to reboot this thread A pair of Hudson GBB M3 Grease Guns. Pretty cool little pieces of work, not too terribly practical, but that seems to be the way my collection is headed. They do have an amazing amount of recoil and are much heavier than would be expected from a plastic bodied gun, which actually feels very nice. I had always wanted one of these when I first started airsofting but never bought it due to the mags being expensive and impractical for a new airsofter. I found a guy selling them as a pair with 4 magazines included and I had to act. Both
  9. Well, not as interesting as Renegades cool double blaster, but here is my latest creation Built this for a guy I play with after he had seen another launcher chassis I had built. Was a nice little project, I had planned on making it an internal slide out stock, but weight was piling up and I ditched that idea for a much simpler and lighter side folding stock. Overall weight loaded with a grenade is just under 5 pounds, which was my goal. Basically just an aluminum tube that bolts into a steel receiver, with an M4 RIS system bolted to that. It is missing a couple screws in the picture, but
  10. JAC UZI DX Still works like a charm 20+ years after it was manufactured, gotta love the simplicity of a JAC BV system
  11. Well I picked up another UZI over the weekend, this time a Marui UZI. Pretty good fun, not as much fun as hosing people with the JAC, but a lot easier to move around with, and feels a whole lot nicer than the JAC. I guess it may be time to start saving and scouring the interwebs for a ZEKE kit. JAC on left, Marui on the right, as you can tell the marui is much nicer looking than the old shiny plastic of the JAC.
  12. Here is my newest toy, an old Inokatsu RPK kit I got in a trade for some welding work with a friend of mine. Pretty much just got it built, but dont have a long enough barrel to make it shoot well yet, the bb's keep hitting the flash hider and chopping in half. It does look and feel good though!
  13. Kit list is very simplistic, just basic Alice web gear and US Tri-Color BDU's, with an EBBanned tactical fleece and light jacket layered for cold. Belleville boots and a couple pair of wool socks round out the list The gun is the A&K M-60E4, Its a love hate relationship at the moment. Cant seem to get it to shoot faster than 400, despite my best efforts. Too many slightly off spec parts = pain in the butt to upgrade well The glasses are just my normal prescription glasses, I tested a number of goggles to see which would fit over them and the Flakjacks fit perfectly. I really sh
  14. Here are a couple of pictures of me from December of last year that I just recently re-discovered The second photo is of me covering a farmhouse, which most of the year is under water I think the high for the day was about 28 degrees F, but was a great game none the less
  15. Here is my contribution to this thread Maruzen VZ61. Skorpion with metal barrel (made by me) and suppressor (also made by me) And a bit closer And the barrel with 14mm CCW threads for the silencer to attach to, apologize for the slight out of focus-ness I like the look, but will have to make another silencer for this gun so I can still be able to use the folding stock. Enjoy
  16. Well, I guess thats what I get for trusting wikipedia lol It definitely appears it is just a Israeli company cashing in on the 1911 craze by making it slightly different
  17. Kinda, except theirs is a polymer framed version to combat the heat of a weapon in the desert. They call theirs the Bul M5. Mine does have the squared off trigger guard, but its quite a bit different then theirs. I will probably end up getting the G19 in a drop leg holster soon enough, but for now I am stuck with the 1911
  18. Heres my contribution to this amazing thread. Put this together over the summer, along with 5 or so other guys from my playing field. I am still missing the helmet, but we are awaiting word back if we have a good line on some. Still have to clean up the loose straps and small stuff like that, but I love the fit of these uniforms. The only thing that does not fit that well is the hat, its a touch small. I love the Marom Dolphin vest! I have the paramedic vest and it works out fantasticly with the FAL. I use the two large side pockets for mags, which hold 4 easily in each. The normal
  19. Finally finished putting on the wood stock on my KA FAL. It was a rather simple process really, just cut the original stocks mounting block, cut the tang slot a little bit longer, and bored a hole for a Lipo- Stick battery to fit. The hardest part of the build was finding a screw that would fit, so I built my own. Modified a 5/16"x8" Carriage bolt by boring a hole and tapping it for a 10/32 screw, which then screws into the receiver. The screw runs through the original hole in the stock for mounting to the RS version, works like a charm! And all mounted up with the Israeli forguards
  20. Here are some pictures of my King Arms FAL with Israeli handguards installed. I am working on getting the wood stock on it too, but for now I just have the handguards. They took about an hour to trim and fit onto the gun, but the effort was well worth the trouble.
  21. Here is a new picture of my JAC UZI DX after I added a RS receiver cover. It required the removal of ~1.5mm off of the back side of the plate, as the JAC plate is a bit out of spec. I also had to do a bit of trimming on an internal brace to allow the charging handle clearance to move, but nothing structural was affected.
  22. Just looked through here and saw your question. With propane and a Madbul PB4 Grenade at around 80degreesF it will shoot around 250 feet max. Its pretty fun to play with, I do have plans to convert the grenade to run off of a CO2 air rig, should make things a bit more interesting
  23. This thread needs to be brought back to life, so here is my contribution! JAC UZI DX I have two double stack mags, one standard magazine, and a custom 60rd magazine. I have a lathe, and plan on turning down the parts to build the feed tubes so I can convert AEG magazines, or real magazines to work with this gun. I have yet to shoot it as I am still waiting on my air rig to arrive. It is pictured on my IDF loadout equipment, a Marom Dolphin vest, IDF uniform set, Golani Brigade ball cap, and a Raful hat.
  24. This is my third bazooka build, and by far the best. It is powered by 40mm grenades and can launch nerf footballs quite well. Full metal and wood, weighs in at around 13 pounds ready to go.
  25. Superjesus, that is almost the exact same loadout I use for my M60, although it looks like your belt is a bit low.
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