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  1. Here is my F2000 The body is JLS, but the insides aren't. I modified it to have a version 3 gearbox from a CYMA AK Beta, and also use the AK Hop-up chamber. I had to cut a small hole in the bottom of the body because my motor cage could not be modified to fit inside without loosing its structural integrity, a small price to pay for reliability. It seems to feed fine off of all the M4 mags I have tried, all of them wobble some, but I dont really mind that too much, its not worth the effort to keep a mag from wobbling 1mm if it is not affecting the feeding of the magazine. Wit
  2. First off, thanks for the complement. I had come across yours when I was building my first one and liked the idea of shooting tennis balls with Hop-up, but I didnt want to have to run it off of CO2, as I had planned on making several and selling them. Having something firing off of 40mm Grenades is relatively safe, and most sites would allow it to be used, but I didn't want to sell something that could be quite dangerous in the hands of an inexperienced player. Not sure if I will go into production with them anymore, so I may retrofit my prototype with the CO2 power system. On my
  3. Here are a couple of Bazookas I built. Both fire 40mm grenades through a removable inner barrel that locks into the front end of the gun. The painted one is my prototype, the unpainted one is one I built to sell. Thats the front sight, a simple piece of work that is frustratingly hard to build by hand. If I had a press, or a die cutter, or even a lathe it would be quick work to cut out the inner shapes, but as I only have hand tools, it took me about 10 hours to bring it to what you see here, or roughly a third of the entire build time of the Bazooka. Its not quite right
  4. Here's my Marui Type 56, mostly stock and the plastic body has seen better days, the stock is falling apart and the only thing holding the top of the receiver on is the receiver cover latch, the small plastic hooks on the lower receiver have long been broken off. The gun creaks like an old haunted house and the front sight wobbles something fierce and it has no selector switches so it only fires full auto, but it shoots so well. Excuse the 74' mag and NATO camo
  5. Here's my TM MK23, nothing special really
  6. Here's my beauties. From the top: Well L-96: New custom Hop-up nub, Paint and custom silencer. Has some sort of air leak as it only shoots at about 400, have to figure that out, it shot about 450 before the original Hop-up nub broke. Tokyo Marui VSR 10: Yes, it is a real Marui, Has about every DIY mod you can do to a VSR, plus a Laylax Pss10 spring. Shot a little over 400 before piston seer went out on it. WE tech 1911 Tactical: Nothing special, picked it up at our fields swap meet for 20 bucks. ICS MP5SD5: My first AEG, has survived almost two years of use since
  7. Here is the bazooka I just finished building. It fires 40mm grenade shells and can launch nerf footballs pretty well.
  8. Teetee your photos are top notch, probably some of the only truly artistic images in this topic. Curious as to what camera you are using.
  9. Ah, yes that must have been it then because the pictures were from the 90's I like it because its different and i got the whole kit for less than 70 dollars.
  10. I could have sworn i saw pics of soldiers wearing the alpenflage and using 550s. Do you know what a correct weapon would be for the standard soldier?
  11. Here are a couple pictures of me from this weekends open play. It was finally cool enough to wear the alpenflage! Wish i had a Sig550 to complete the loadout but for now im making do with my mp5. I love the tac vest built in to the jacket.
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