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  1. yes and so? you are just as bad a person as you think he is for judging him by a few posts. as far as i can tell his posts are good enough.

  2. You read any of his comments?

  3. It is Great to meet a Fellow Armenian Who likes Airsoft.

    I dont get why people call you a troll, dont listen to them they just didnt agree with you.

  4. Dude, you fail at everything

  5. She's the ultimate ninja, She feeds off the souls of young airsofters, She's the master of the knife, She's Punkypink.

    She's goin' deep and she's goin' hard.

  6. Clearly doesn't know anything.

  7. This guy is a douche bag. He was an *beep* for no reason, people were being helpful and all he did was be an *beep*.

  8. Beware! This guy is a forum troll.

  9. Zaxium2000

    What's your backup?

    UTG M3

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