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  1. banjo

    M14 Picture Thread

    All I did when I orginaly fitted mine was to use a G36 pic rail and used to screw mounts that hold the hand guard on to mount it, took about 10 minutes of fettling, job done Thing is, I don't get on with them, so it all came back off within 2 days
  2. banjo

    M14 Picture Thread

    I assume you want to convert you Sage Mod0 into a Mod1? If so I believe fellowz is correct in saying you need to buy the whole kit as its a completely different rear end to the Mod0, and I'm fairly sure a RS would be a pita to fit if you could get your hands on one
  3. banjo

    M14 Picture Thread

    I'm guessing you were put in a que, and you just made it to the top
  4. banjo

    M14 Picture Thread

    What make is it? We know the guys at FS quite well and i know they hate with a pssion anything G&G or CA My mate has had 3 on different occassions, and they all had low fps issues, he sent them to FS to get sorted and they either fixed and broke again or not fixed at all with a note saying couldn't get working, when asked why he was told they're just to tempramental and part sensitive He gave them to me and I fixed all 3 and they still work to this day, I know, cuz i own 2 of them They are right, they are parts sensitive, but after a couple of hours of matching them good results can be had I guess its worth remembering they are on a time scale whereas I am not
  5. banjo

    M14 Picture Thread

    Erm, something that was heavy enough to make me think twice about standing in the stack outside the entry door If its any consolation wood stock is going on my SOC, so I can stand in the stack
  6. banjo

    M14 Picture Thread

    I was just surfing over the forum and it suddenly dawned on I that I've never posted mine up here So, without further a do..... What my G&G Veteran looked like at the 17th Jan game (with me holding it in a suitably actiony type pose ).... What she looks like now after her substancial rebuild..... Yup, a G&G Mk14 Mod0 Sage EBR DMR!!

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