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  1. It's also really cheap at Major Surplus N Survival I found out only after I bought my KA from evike . http://www.majorsurplusnsurvival.com/Merch...ategory_Code=23 Although it only comes in green digital and woodland, although I would've liked a desert tan.
  2. I believe any neoprene mask to be pretty similar. I have a King Arms full fask mask and it worked pretty well in CQB. Barely felt a thing except one time a BB hit my lip but it was still better than getting hit anywhere else in the body.
  3. I was thinking about the same thing, however I was wondering if I still needed a mouthguard.
  4. That looks sweeet!!! I love the paintjob, the HK416 Body, and the rull RAS rail and scope that runs through it! On the topic of old school guns....I personally dislike most of them. I ono...i just love a modern looking gun. Except WW2 guns are also very very cool.
  5. Why is there little pics of other things on top of certain parts That thing looks horrific IMO.
  6. Hrmm...never thought of that....
  7. Here is a shot of my ICS M4 with PEQ and Iron Sights, you can see half the post so it should still be fine in daylight. Night time is much more difficult.
  8. Nice grill, did you make it yourself or did you buy it?
  9. Muaha http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/inde...showtopic=52019
  10. You have to get one of those G&P ACOG's (or a real one) as the red-dot acogs cannot have their weaver base removed.
  11. Ah! That's a lovely setup! I always wanted toget a G&P ACOG and mount it on the carrying handle but I can't spend $180 on a scope . I see you use to have a M249 for that carrying case
  12. I was originally planning to Buy a BUIS but then ehobby asia limited my orders to 2 at a time, and I'd have to wait 10 days before I could make another order. So I just went screw it, and went without the BUIS. I wont' be playing with the carrying handle, but just leaving there so I can hold the gun by the carrying handle for all the times i'm not in the field.
  13. Well...I just got a G&P Aimpoint....so I turned almost non-accessorized into a geardo monster (ugly or beautiful, is up to you ) So I had my normal ICS M4 RIS and removed the carrying handle and put on the Aimpoint with cantilever mount. However, then I'd be left with a useless carrying handle but I can't let that happen! So I thought hrmm...how about trying to attach the aimpoint to the front RIS! Unfortunately the front rail was thinner than the body rail so I it would be off center from the front sights. So I decided to put the carrying handle it on o
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