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  1. Heckler Und Koch for the win, honestly why do people butcher g36's a spas 12 stock would look better, I think in the case with most guns and the g36 especially is less is more, sure you could the weird looking ris rail foregrippy thing and 4 m203's but it wouldn't look right jsut liek those g36's, sure they are unique, but unique in a bad way, in a way that makes ghandi cry for blood.
  2. Could someone attach on m203 to a shotgun it would be hilarious to see
  3. OMG havent laughed like that for about 8 hours thanks guys!
  4. I dont care about the compensation jokes BIG A$$ HANDGUNS ARE AWESOME but I guess you are compensating for something, the fact their still breathing (jk) lol that raging bull is beautiful but the m500 is the pistol I want...to duel wield muhahaha
  5. Yo I have a suggestion for someone to make on photoshop (please) as im hopeless and the website doesn't have the gun, make a derringer xm109, I understand a derringer as a double barrel shotgun with a rifle barrel, so make it a triple barrel xm109 for uber pwnage!
  6. beautiful pistols, beautiul
  7. Mine can be found on this linky here http://insomniac199.tripod.com/psychotic_t...nth_dimensi.jpg I saved it as my desktop, as its cool.
  8. What the hell was the hairy man one??? And mroe importantly what were searching on google to find it? lol, I probably won't sleep now for a very long time...
  9. So can you just turn up in your camo's reflecting a real military unit or what? Also is it modern stuff as well as the older wars, I'm not seeing much dpm 95 there.
  10. Ah hell with it heres a pic of my cat looking rather stupid, still no idea what breed she is... p.s theres some real beautiful cats on here, behind every great airsoft is a small furry friend.
  11. Oh I thought it was a lamp when I first saw it lol, if it isn't though how come the lamp stick casts a shadow on the wall behind, damn didn't see that, lol
  12. Can't say if these have already been posted, but hope you enjoy my five simple contributions. I apologise if this is considered spam These are from some emails my mates sent me. Lol!
  13. Polictical correctness and health and safety two concepts I attempt to rape as regularly as possible, I can't believe firemen can't have a pole next the army can't have bullets due to the potential health hazard they pose pfft....
  14. True, but I can always call it a pump action rifle I suppose. Loving the m3 conversion, thats a real beauty!
  15. My Maruzen ca870 with her kingarms suppressor, angs suppressor attachement, 6.03 inner barrel, steel spring guide and m140 (460fps) spring, and the lovely g&p folding stock. And yes I know its frowned upon having a suppressor but you can get them for real shotguns so I thought eh why not?
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