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  1. HSGI EOD dropleg pouch shears on outside credentials in back pocket kerlix gauze pads tape CAT tournaquet CPR mask clif shot eloctrolyte mix band aids definately still a work in progress
  2. my frankengun. really wish i had a peq15, battery bags on a MOE stock blow chunks
  3. still need a NOD mount, strobe, MBITR and elvis CSAR patch. what do you guys think?
  4. tryin to go for something PJ-esque
  5. nice kit man, but i'd paint the helmet tan and roll your sleeves like this: i dont know why, but evry pic i see of PJs has their sleeves like this.
  6. very beginning of a PJ lid. money shot:
  7. ^ i dont know where to get one, but heres mine lolz: got the wood kit in a trade, no idea wher it originally came from, but i know that G&G and TM stocks arent interchangeable so be careful. also i think the G&G M14 'veteran' comes with real wood.
  8. im jealous. where i play, most people have FRS, there'll be a squad with UHF, 2 squads with VHF but different radios with different frequencies, and some other fireteam with GMRS, and half the game, someone will be on VOX....
  9. i removed the battery door back when i used 8.4v bats with it, and id often had to change while getting shot at. dont know if its necessary to take it off for a 9.4, i just like how theres nothing there to get in the way.
  10. ive got a 9.6 large and it fits fine in mine with the fuse. i removed the battery door altogether and rely on the clamshell to keep it in there. i hold the connector outside of the compartment, put the battery in butt first, connect it, and shove all the wires in. if you really want, i can provide pics.
  11. ive had mine for 9 months now, using it weekly, so id say ~80,000~ rounds through it and i havent had a problem. she still runs like the first day i got her. i picked up my friends TM and used it for a day, and the thing was a piece of s***.
  12. sorry about taking 3 weeks to answer, but didnt see it till now. Mechanix M-Pact gloves dont buy them off of asgi($36 + shipping), get them off amazon ($25 + free shipping) pros: they feel great, great impact resistance, theyre part leatheer/ part plastic they come in coyote brown con: they get extremely hot when running around
  13. new shiznit- my new HSGI weesatch and IBH new GPS, new Mechanix MPact gloves, and new smoke
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