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  1. Excellent seller, fast delivery

  2. oh well... is there anything else i can do? I can send a tracert when i get home if you like... so frustrating Arnies is the site i spend the most time on
  3. i just tried flushing the dns on my local pc, no difference. i live in south london and work in central.
  4. no, right now im accessing it through my work pc - if i try now from my home pc, it just doesnt work... i can even access it on my phone...
  5. hi all, for some reason im not able to reach arnies from home, im on virgin media in the uk. at the mo im having to RDP to my computer at work and use the site from there! any ideas anyone?
  6. Great guy to deal with,hope to do bizz again some-time,Thanks.

  7. ed you still softing these days?
  8. http://www.wolfarmouries.co.uk/default.asp?page=gun and http://www.airsoftarmoury.co.uk/ these are the only 2 in london.
  9. ah well, worth a try. thanks for letting me know of their decision
  10. does anyone know if the admins here would bother listening to a username change request? the problem i have is: 1. some one else who plays at the same sites as me and chats in the same forums signed up at the same time as me with a nearly identical username. it gets confusing when we are both talking in the same thread. 2. players have started calling me sonic (which you'd understand if you met me) so its a pain being know by 3 different names. if theres any chance the mods/admins would go out of their way to help me with this i'd like my username to be Sonic01
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