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  1. Some 90ies SF-Stuff: Greeez, Bernd
  2. Sorry, you are totally right about the vest! Thanks for the Info
  3. Patches are ok for some times. New Gen DOAV too afaik. Cheers, Bernd
  4. That was the idea of Battledisplay.
  5. Diggin the Night-Parka these cold days, too! My attempt is a light cold-weather setup with my M24: Greetings Bernd
  6. Nice !! I like your Kits!! Hi Res ?
  7. Awesome pics! Thank u very much!
  8. A few shots of my brother Hardy and me: (I am the one with black fleece) Yo Greetings
  9. Dboy M4 with M203 WE M4 in stock
  10. I got it from a german airsoft-shop called "sniper"
  11. Thanks ! Its a 1961a as Agent Hunk already said. But its from King Arms. You get a cool rig, with much space.
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