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  1. Gear wise, it is challenging. Personally, I would ditch the charging knob on the side where you are going to rest your thumb on it. Replace the other knob with a better single handed charching knob. You have the folding stock, but when closing it, your suppressor gets in the way. There are only these options: Since it does not come with a threaded barrel, so you either be very creative to friction fit a suppressor and leave the stock in extended position. You can buy custom outer barrels with thread, but they are out of stock and too short so you always end up with th
  2. Well I have been asking around on Youtube and few people said it need to be wacked from the bottom. I let it soak in WD40 for a day, still won't budge. So I tried to drill a hole with a steel bit very slowly from the bottom to where it almost passed the hinge (like 7mm), then I use a small hex bit to fit in that hole and gave it a hard whack with a hammer 3 times. Then I see it finally move a bit from the bottom. I gave it 5 more whacks and finally it is pushed out of the stock hinge. I can see that the pin has diamond profile at the top, but they decided to grind it clean and level
  3. Wow, I know it's been 7 years ago... but how did you managed to punch out that pin? I am trying to replace the folder with a 5KU stock adapter. My WE AK74UN stock pin won't budge. I have used quite alot of force trying to hammer that pin from the bottom, but only making dents. Already tried heating and WD40. Also looked up the net for a diagram, but it shows it like a single ping without features. I'm near desperate to drill that pin out. 20240330_114048.webp
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