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  1. So maybe you geardos will be able to help me out. I'm a fairly big guy. About 6 foot, 235lbs. Believe me, it's not mostly muscle. What plate carriers might y'all recommend for someone of my stature, if any. Chest rig is the obvious answer, and it's worked so far, but I'd like to get a plate carrier if possible.
  2. +1 for GHK. I only went with WOC because the gun came with all the externals I wanted and I don't mind replacing parts every once in a while. But GHK's cooldown and internal quality is unparalleled. Go GHK.
  3. WGC and UnCompany allow you to select how you want trades covered during shipping. I opt for black tape (the putty leaves residue) and have never had a problem with customs.
  4. Are you looking for literal handguards to fit into the standard delta ring? I know the MOE SL is relatively slim, but I believe only for midlength gas systems. Or a rifle length rail system? The VTAC, URX4, NSR, JP Handguards, Midwest Industries SS series, and Yankee Hill systems are all generally very slim and lightweight.
  5. My new G&P WOC SR15E3. CNC'd receiver, some steel guts. Working well so far.
  6. Polarstar won't fit. BUT I know the DaytonaGun kits are meant for G&P GBBR bodies. With enough modification, it's not out of the realm of possibility that you could jam one into a 416 body. They're similar to the Polarstar except operate strictly on gas and have blowback that provide serious recoil. And they take AEG mags. Edit: I just checked www.tnkguns.com (they do the installation of the DG kits) and they actually specifically say that the VFC416 body won't work with their kits. Sorry!
  7. What suppressor is that? I know it's the KAC 7.62 (?) but who makes the airsoft version?
  8. Good lord that's perfect. Did you install the rail yourself? If so- with a tool or the hammer-and-screwdriver method or something else altogether?
  9. Uscm- How'd you attach the (Larue?) handstop? Mini rail section that I'm not seeing or...?
  10. Sorry to bring back an old post! But nice piece azn. Who makes the thumb rest thing you have above your AFG? And is the Surefire/Thorntail combo all real or any of it ACM??
  11. Unfair assumption to make. I check all my gear before games, and put fresh batteries in before longer ops, but failures still happen. (None since I switched over to a Primary Arms dot, but still) I can count a few times where I had to switch to backups for those precision shots that you can't just shoot through the tube for.
  12. Good Lord that's quite the review. Should a larger variety of models come out I can certainly see myself purchasing one in the future.
  13. Sorry for iPhone pics. I added an AFG to my SR15. I found a gun shop that carries a full Magpul line just a mile down the road. I feel the checking account draining already. (Ignore the Stag on the top)
  14. Nice. What holster is that? Custo made?
  15. In all fairness to Redwolf, they are very open about the fact that the WE is a subpar replica, but that the price reflects that. They're also talking about an Airsoft Surgeon enhanced nozzle being released within the next few weeks, so that may solve your issue as well.
  16. Really?! Is this implying that it is on par, if not better, that a Marui G17? That's very surprising, although I have heard good things about the HK3P Px4.
  17. Redwolf posted something about this not being able to handle Green/Propane well (because of the new nozzle) on one of their videos. Any truth to this?
  18. Looks fantastic mate. The Madbull rail you put on went without issue? Does it use G&P threads?
  19. I'm still trying to figure out how I can stipple the MIAD. I mean, do I do I do the backstrap, sides, and front? Or some combination of them?
  20. Forgive the iPhone pics. My DSLR is....somewhere (I should probably get on that) I added an ASAP/MS2 setup to it. It's almost complete! All that's left now is some PMAGs and a Knight's can. (if i can find one )
  21. I kept the stock plate it came with and then filed down a little bit of the wings. Fit like a gem. Also, I didn't use the AEG version. I got a deal on the GBBR version, but I got it to fit fine with a light dremel use. Edit: added pic
  22. I think the XTM's really complete it. Got an ASAP and MS2 on the way so i can get rid of the horrid QD attachments I tried to find a replica QDSS NT4 but they're sold out....every...where (the good ones that don't cost $80)
  23. My Sr15 WIP. Still looking to get PEQ or DBAL replica XTM Rail Covers Aimpoint magnifier QDSS NT4 ASAP and some PMAGs!
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