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  1. radioactiverice

    My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

    a pack in the us costs roughly 8+ depending on where you're situated. about ten dollars here in brooklyn. the thing is that cigarette addicts are so addicted that buying cigarettes might as well exceed the importance of child support or employment. it's sad really. the same goes for alcoholics who are sometimes the core of a family falling apart. second on the rollies. personally, i get cartons when i can from duty free or from other countries. way cheaper. twenty dollars a carton (10 packs).
  2. radioactiverice

    My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

    yea, cigarettes do smell horrible sometimes. and i would never smoke indoors. and tbh i do feel really guilty when i'm part of the same population as all the distasteful/disrespectful smokers out there. and yea, ok. i see completely that it's not their choice. i guess that ends my argument there. thanks for the outrageously simple answer!
  3. radioactiverice

    My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

    withdrawal sympthoms definitely aren't fun. i hear when quitting you're supposed to cut back until you reach zero. for lent i cut cigarettes off abruptly and completely, and withdrawal wasn't fun. heh, and sorry i if didn't make sense there matt. but yea, i found the statistics but never found the how. but isn't the smoke we breathe out filtered anyway? since most cigarettes do have filters on them. and plus, like you said, they are getting the leftovers. so we took in most of the bad stuff from that filtered cigarette, and we are breathing out the leftovers. idk, i guess i just don't understand why the general population makes it seem to be that secondhand is equally/more dangerous than firsthand.
  4. radioactiverice

    My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

    cigarettes are yay. smokers always know the risk, so what i don't understand is why nonsmokers have to keep rubbing it in our faces the risks of it. yes, the crappy health, yellow skin, stinky clothes. but cough medicine is good, it helps you get better. soap will make your skin a normal color, and jeez, if your clothes stink, then wash them. who wants to to be reaaaally old with wrinkly balls and a p*nis that no longer works? smokers here get it with heavy taxes. we take one for the team so others don't have to. teehehe... putting into the government system. i'd like to die of something of my choosing (military, a wife/girlfriend, too much architecture work, or cigarettes.....?) when/if i get lung cancer, if because smoking doesn't automatically give you cancer, the doctors will put me on so much pain medication that i will not notice the copious amounts of blood i am coughing up have put my cigarette out. plus, it looks way cool when they do it in the movies despite all this however, i make it my duty to be courteous around nonsmokers and try not to smoke around them. and if i can't resist, i'll try to keep my distance. like pablo said, it's pretty hard to justify it, but it's just something we enjoy :] it does a pretty decent job at relieving stress, especially in an architecture major where work is overloading. smoke breaks outside are something of a ritual, it's relaxing, and while smoking you can finally take five to ten minutes for a breather (or lack thereof ) and think about your next step in your project. side note, how is second hand smoke dangerous? never understood. i've tried googling it, but only found statistics and blaaa. nonsmokers have are 30% more prone to cancer etc. how so?
  5. radioactiverice

    1911 Picture Thread

    when i want to remove paint, i usually use this paint stripper called "aircraft remover" i guess it removes aircrafts... lol but yeh, you spray it on, leave it for like fifteen minutes, and the paint starts to bubble and you basically just wipe it off, exposing the bare metal
  6. radioactiverice

    1911 Picture Thread

    huh? you guys are using sandpaper to polish? why not use steel wool? plus this stuff... it works wonders! nice and shiny for anything i polish :] http://www.mothers.com/02_products/05100-05101.html
  7. radioactiverice

    Painted Weapons Picture Thread

    sadr, thank you. your m4 definitely ain't too shabby either! raven, i like the color of that paint! what kind did you use?
  8. radioactiverice

    Painted Weapons Picture Thread

    my galaxy mp5k and de m56c the fire controls are a little quirky... but i still like lol tactical hawaiian shotgun!
  9. radioactiverice

    1911 Picture Thread

    thanks. i also just managed to read the gem on the side of the unit. eh lol, not that cheap. time to start saving for one...
  10. radioactiverice

    1911 Picture Thread

    waaaaaaaaah... that's a hot laser never seen it before what is it? :] and where and how much you get it
  11. radioactiverice

    1911 Picture Thread

    on my socomgear meu, i bought a 150%spring set, longer spring guide, and a hollow spring cap. made almost all of the slide wobble go away. no more clinking or anything

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