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  1. Thanks for the advice Hispeed, what kinda face pro do you reccomend? like this? http://www.airsoftpost.com/product_info.ph...oducts_id=29516 or the same in tan? and i am thinks of dropping the holster altoghter for a serpa mounted on the chest or hip.
  2. Posted this up in the Army SF kit Thread also think it fits here my SF WIP kit
  3. New kit i am putting together kinda a WIP, i have a large head so helmets are hard to come by.
  4. They are Revision Bullet Ants I love them. You can wear them under a boonie or ball cap with no problem.
  5. Sgt Croc what type of boots are you using?
  6. HiSpeed I will have SF/SEALs Kits based off of my Desert Digi, give me a week or so to get pics. Its not the best b/c my head is huge and cant get a helmet that fits. I might go for a MICH 2001 Repo.
  7. Heres mine, CONDOR QUick Release Plate Carrier
  8. BDU.com for all of my bdu needs, they have Issue ABU's
  9. I know I am probably going to get flamed for this but, Whats the best 226 out on the market, and I have a bunch of kit to pick up so Not too expensive.
  10. I like the paint job, looks wicked!
  11. Very nice work guys I have a pic if anyone wants to play with it. http://i229.photobucket.com/albums/ee167/D...19be61ff5db.jpg Thought it was cool pic taken of me, the pic was taken by the photographer of war machine airsoft.
  12. I think I am taking your advice and spraying it to night.
  13. Its a vest made by Alauda Centurion TAC SF 2, its made of Dyneema instead of Kevlar.
  14. Well it says TACP in the thread title so Im good.
  15. Thats Donnie T aka Jarred from Ai magazine in the article So you wanna be a TACP. Found the pictures of the article. Now I am not sure if a TACP is considered AF SF, but I am assuming that because its in the title of the thread it's ok. IF you still find this to not be the place take it up with a mod please because I am done defending my position on why I posted in this thread and wheter Jarred is an actual TACP (which he was). Any help on inproving my kit would be appreciated.
  16. Thanks Slo! I'll be hitting him up in a couple days.
  17. My Brother In Laws G36c I painted
  18. Stuntman where did you pick up the map wrist holder? ( i have no idea what its called)
  19. Nice looking Kit Delta Knight. Love the m14
  20. Well too late to edit out the SEAL patch. As I see thats the only thing that people are having a problem with any other ideas are welcomed. and my reference pic
  21. How is it wrong thread? Refer to post 516, this is for my upcoming AF SF kit based on the second picture. I threw the SEAL patch on the fill up unused velcro to show the velcro real estate. If it is not ssupposed to be here I'll remove it.
  22. It is a Tru Spec Combat Shirt got it from Brigadeqm.com . The pockets are easy to access and close. they have a MC, OD, Tan and Black also.
  23. Yup itis a 416 rear sight it is my perfered rear sight i even throw it on my SCAR from time to time.
  24. God bless America and Tax refunds! Heres my loot....... A birthday gift for my bro-in-law Ask if kitlist is wanted
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