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  1. SEAL patch as it was added to just fill up the velcro for the pic. God bless America and Tax refunds! Heres my loot....... Ask if kitlist is wanted
  2. you got a link for the Helly Hansen Fleece?
  3. Heres another TACP And another of Donnie T its actually what my next kit is based off of.
  4. What up Slo Havent talked to you in a while. Keep me in the loop on the AZ games.
  5. Wicked thanks for the clarification on the matter.
  6. Mainly because I like the game and do not want to offend anybody by wearing the actual SAS insignia, or are UK folk more honored by it than offended?
  7. Thanks for the pic, but thats not exactly the one Im looking for. The one from the game is the same sword but a more aggressive wing and no banner.
  8. Hey all, wondering if anyone has the SAS Logo from Call of Duty 4 , I have looked and no luck. I need it to be pretty big if possible so please help.
  9. I really appreciate the comments and had thought of the rear sight gunna run without it and with it to see what I like.
  10. New pics of My SCAR-L with ACOG Replica, and SCAR-SD Mock Silencer.
  11. Balkan Hammer 2 in Flagstaff, AZ @ Camp Navajo National Guard Base
  12. It was totally awesome and can't wait for Red Dagger 2
  13. Yes it does and in my opinion is easier to aim with than the FN Sights provided with the AEG, but are only on there til my ACOG gets in.
  14. Modern Army Kit, made for Balkan Hammer 2 Waiting on MICH, and I now have a M16A4 not pictured War Face #1 War Face #2
  15. Oh behave its a work in progress.
  16. I didnt It was a crappy Aimpoint replica that came with the tsd m14 springer. And the Walmart flashlight is the best flashlight I have ever used.
  17. I really like using Coyote Gear just for that reason chevieblazer, I have a full MC loadout, but the ARPAT krukspec will be my first combat shirt so we'll see if I like it enough to get a MC one. Also where I play camo does not need to be effective it's more to divide the teams up so its cool that the GHOSTS used both MC and ARPAT
  18. Heres a Ghost Recon Load-out, Not Done yet its a W.I.P. so any suggestions are welcome I was thinking an ACU RAV would fit good and an ACU Blast Belt. Also my IBH will have ARPAT Water Transferred onto it. And I have a combat shirt on the way from Krukspec.
  19. @ tomo what headset are you using and any experience with that headset and an IBH?
  20. Heres a loose Army SF load-out I threw together. Kitlist: Old Denim Jeans ACU BDU Cut Jacket with RAID modification Condor Desert Stryker Boots Oakley Pilot Gloves Army College Hat Revision Bullet Ant Eyewear Condor IBA G&G SCAR-L TSD M9 NBB CO2 Tac Force Drop Leg BLACKHAWK! Patrol Belt Homemade Harness for Patrol Belt Tacticool Patrol Dog: Bear
  21. Do realize that almost all of Nevada is government land so don't be too surprised if every branch of military has some troops out here eh.
  22. All at Lenix Airsoft in SoCal w/ exception of last one. Lion Claws 7
  23. My G&G SCAR Don't know what I want to do to it. For sure adding a ACOG replica.
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