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  1. Nice review, probably should be in the readers reviews though. I 100% agree with the staff at Wolf, they really arent the most helpful of people and generally dont actually feel like they want to sell you anything.
  2. Chrissyg

    1K club

    My M40A1 is much over 1k in dollars.
  3. I agree pictures can, but having owned several springers I can definitely tell that the finish is of DEFINITE higher quality and looks great. You lot can decide what you want from pictures, but I have mine and am bloody pleased with it!
  4. I know, after all the things I read about it being "plasticy". I was extremely pleased, and it sounds gorgeous when fired. I have just finished writing a review, it should be up in the review database in a bit.
  5. No, hardly any of the WA brand GBBs have metal frames matey.
  6. My brand spanking new WA SCW v.3 M1911A1 Commercial Military Its a really gorgeous pistol
  7. Thats what I thought Catman..I just placed my order for a new WA M1911 SCW3 But brilliant review Pete, thanks for the info!
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