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  1. *Chants* "Who ate all the pies, who ate all the pies, you fat ######, you fat ######, you ate all the pies!" Ofcourse in the nicest way possible!
  2. It wasnt the mods who ate the pies, let me put it that way...
  3. Wow, diddums takes the moral high ground!
  4. Forum rules state no rifle over 328 fps can be mentioned on the site.
  5. On my gun racks* under the window completely out of sight from anyone. With the boxes below them. *Made out of brackets with padding round them. How expensive!
  6. Im sure the nine ball ones are metal...
  7. Chrissyg


    From the album: Guns!

  8. Chrissyg


    From the album: Guns!

  9. Chrissyg


    From the album: Guns!

  10. Chrissyg


    From the album: Guns!

  11. Chrissyg


    From the album: Guns!

  12. Chrissyg


    From the album: Guns!

  13. Chrissyg


    From the album: Guns!

  14. Well I thought id post a couple of piccies of my new baby, my TM Hi Capa 4.3 Now im waiting and wondering when the metal slides are coming out!
  15. Arnie, could you also get the 16th Airsoft Assault team forum set up please, I would also be in charge of that. Many thanks Chris
  16. It means it is a hot topic, and you have posted in it but have read the last comment that was posted.
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