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  1. My glock 19: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-5...7513&q=Glock+19 My CA M15: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=33...245042765&q=M15
  2. I'm with UA here, from where I was it didn't seem like a particularly witty, humorous or constructive post..
  3. Sledge its £69.99, I asked them on monday as I was ordering my M15 (curious moment)
  4. Not in combats, but showing off my brand new CA M15A4 Tactical Carbine, gosh shes a beaut.
  5. Chrissyg


    Mate, what battery would you reccomend with the M15 A4 Carbine? Im pretty sure im getting one, but dont know what the best battery would be! Cheers Chris
  6. This is a specified rant! Not just any old rant.
  7. Exactly! You could have spent that time doing.....well anything that had more value to it than looking at that post/topic!
  8. No, the worst is they post saying something, and edit it to say things like "please close" or "actually, decided not to" etc... that really ###### me off! My rant is over too...
  9. MMMMMMMMM. I CANT WAIT FOR MY M15A4 TACTICAL CARBINE TO ARRIVE! Im so excited! You guys think its worth it! £220!
  10. Chrissyg

    G3 SAS

    How did it perform at the skirmish?
  11. As you know Blitz the DE has a capacity of 27+1!!! The hi "crapa" has 30+1 so its not so much different (unless they have brought out some mags like the 50rd glock ones...
  12. Can anyone give more details on the accuracy of the gun? Im going to buy one, I would just like to know for obvious reasons...
  13. You can find them on airsoftdynamics.com they look awesome!
  14. If I were to get an armalite (god forbid) It would have to look like that. Im not usually a fan of them, but DAMN thats sexy!
  15. Guys you can get one here: http://www.airsoftgames.com/capa-full-metal-p-361.html
  16. Please, if anyone has a video of the TM G3 SG1 firing, would be greatly appreciated, and expect a +1! Cheers Chris
  17. Does anyone have any vidoes of an ICS MP5 (any varient with full stock) Would be greatly appreciated! Cheers Chrissyg
  18. Chrissyg


    Pictures of me and my mates in Vietnam gear at Ultimate Wargames in Surrey.
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