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  1. Gentner91

    Pictures of your Plate Carriers

    My Crye Precision MBAV AVS: -CP MOLLE Front Flap -CP JPC MBITR Pouch RG -Eagle Industries Triple Mag Pouch (US Made/SFLCS) -Eagle Industries V2 Utility/GP Pouch (US Made/SFLCS) -Eagle Industries V2 IFAK (US Made/SFLCS) with x2 ETD's, x2 Compressed Gauze, 28F NPA, x2 Hyfin Chest Seals -First Spear Small GP Pouch Also running Velocity Systems MBAV Level IIIA armor and Highcom Security Level 4 plates (not for airsoft).
  2. Gentner91

    Pics of your Gear

    Got a new bag for work a couple weeks ago. I work as an EMT/Firefighter for two fire departments here in Michigan. Ive been using a LBT 1562B but wanted something a little more modular and have always been interested in Mystery Ranch so I decided to bite the bullet and got a RATS pack in Multicam. Wish they had it in Black or OD but Im not a huge fan of CB or Foliage and the Red seemed too bright for my taste. Pics: Front: Right Pouch (Front): Right Pouch (Front Contents): Left Pouch (Front): Bottom Pouch (Front): Interior: Interior 2: Contents - Front of Bag: Elastic Loops - x2 CAT Tourniquets Right Pouch - BP Cuff, Glucometer with Oral Glucose/Lancets, and Gloves Left Pouch - OPA's and CPR Mask Bottom Pouch - x4 5x9 ABD Pads, x20 4x4 Gauze Pads, x4 Compressed Gauze Rollers, and x2 Kerlix Rolls. Contents - Tear Out Pouches (Red, Yellow and Green): x2 6 Inch NARP Emergency Trauma Dressings x3 NARP Compressed Gauze x1 Hyfin Vent Chest Seal x1 Tourniquet (x2 SOFT - Wide, x1 CAT Orange). x1 Kerlix Roll *Contents above in each pouch Contents - Tear Out Pouch (Blue Handle/AIRWAY): x1 Set OPAs, x1 Non Rebreather Mask, x1 Nasal Cannula, x1 Hyfin Vent Contents - IV Pouches (Splinting Pouches) x1 SAM Splint, x2 Triangle Bandages, x1 ACE Wrap, x2 Compressed Gauze Rollers. My thinking behind the lay out is for a mass casualty incident. Each pouch is set up the same and can be handed out if need be. Still need to get a couple more tourniquets and chest seals but for the most part its loaded the way that I would like. Also need a couple NPAs and possibly a pocket BVM. Advantage for me over the LBT pack is I can store the same amount of stuff (even a little more) in a smaller package and I have my most used items (BP Cuff, Glucometer, Gauze etc) in the front where I can get to them without even having to open the bag. But so far I love the pack. Construction wise, it blows every company out of the water, even LBT...which Im surprised to say. Would have put this in the First Aid Thread but it seems to be archived =/.
  3. Gentner91

    Pictures of your Plate Carriers

    @ frogfish, How do you like the Tyr IFAK? How is the quality of their products? (On par with LBT or Eagle in terms of stitching/quality control/material) I've been debating on whether or not to snag up one of their IFAKs...I like the design of the SOF one in particular but I'm a little hesitant with them being a rather new company.
  4. Gentner91

    Pics of your Gear

    My gear, some new stuff, some old. EI RRV - RG EI / TSSI M4 Medical Bag Tactical Tailor First Responder Bag Both bags are stocked with medical supplies, reason I went with the black TT FRB is because I use it for work. Ill get more pics of my black EI / TSSI M4 when I get it stocked. Still a long ways to go, but hopefully it will all be done in the coming weeks if the funds go right.
  5. Gentner91

    Pictures of you in the field or at a game

    A couple older pics of myself taken by MasterTitled and Miedema (Not a member here, but on Michigan Airsoft.) in Springfield, Ohio. Im in the ACU's and RG RRV.
  6. Gentner91

    Pictures of your Plate Carriers

    Still a work in progress, but here is my Eagle Industries RRV. EI RRV: ESAPI 7.62 APM2 Plates: (Brand New, Never Fielded) Kitlist: Eagle Industries RRV Eagle Industries RLCS M4 Shingle Eagle Industries RLCS Admin Eagle Industries M4 Single Mag Pouch Eagle Industries Canteen Pouch Eagle Industries Medical Pouch x2 ESAPI 7.62 APM2 Plates (Man. Date 08/2008) MSM Infidel Patch MSM Pirate Flag Patch x3 Green Chem Sticks (In Canteen Pouch) Still Need Eagle Industries Rear Backpannel Eagle Industries Single Mag Pouch Eagle Industries Frag Pouch Eagle Industries Hydro Carrier
  7. Gentner91

    Pictures of your Plate Carriers

    Any chance of some better pics of the Eagle LVAC Roecar?
  8. Gentner91

    Pictures of your Plate Carriers

    Currently a WIP and is Ranger inspired. Front: Level 3 Plate, Size Medium: Eagle Industries RRV - RG Eagle Industries RLCS M4 Shingle - RG Eagle Industries RLCS Admin - RG Eagle Industries Canteen Pouch - RG Eagle Industries Medical Pouch - RG Tactical Trunk Monkey Patch Level 3 Ballistics Plate

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