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  1. Feyd

    Walther P99

    Just a quick word on holsters, the Blackhawk! P99 holster fits really nicely... (it doesn't fit the Umarex air pistol) Sent from my E6653 using Tapatalk
  2. Feyd

    "New Wave" Small Rice 7 (MP7) Review

    Haven't done many games with mine, but it definitely held it's own last gas and spring day in the woods... It was Very interesting being almost the only player with a piece that could crack out that kinda full auto :-p
  3. Feyd

    WE TA 2015, P90 review

    You can tweak the trigger transfer bar if the trigger is stiff on semi, but that little insert is a far better solution.
  4. Feyd

    Marui M870 Fix and Tuning Thread

    I'm looking at an 870 for someone who broke their nozzle & hop rubber... As far as I can tell as it loads the BBs into the top barrel it folds the hop rubber over & jams in place, thus taking out the hop rubber (if it's forced) and the nozzle behind. I can't find any information on this fault anywhere online except a forum I can't get onto... Anyone got any ideas? There doesn't seem to be any wear around the loading area, the loading arm's been replaced as has the nozzle & hop rubber, but I'm guessing it's still got the same problem that took the parts out in the first place... I'm pretty sure I'm not the first person inside this shotty, but there doesn't seem to be anything obviously miss-assembled. Any help would be appreciated thanks folks!
  5. Feyd

    WE MSK Review

    Just realised I don't think this has been mentioned so far...(if it has I apologise) The MSK uses the new type hop rubber & barrel, externally the barrel and hop rubber are the same, but it looks like there has been about 2-3mm of hop window removed and added into the hop rubber in the form of some kind of restrictor band... Basic upshot is really short hop window and if you want an after market hop rubber you need to budget for a barrel too... Sent from my D5503 using Tapatalk
  6. Feyd

    WE MSK Review

    Been running mine for a year of decent use and only the nozzle has failed (that was on the last game I played) having a little bit of a glitch with full auto (it will sometimes just stop) but as I'm pretty solidly semi only it hasn't been enough of a hindrance to investigate... Sent from my D5503 using Tapatalk
  7. Feyd

    "New Wave" Small Rice 7 (MP7) Review

    Awesome, I kinda hoped it would be something like that, not much point in supplying a spare that will fail the same way!
  8. Feyd

    "New Wave" Small Rice 7 (MP7) Review

    Ooops! Just busted my sliding stock catch! There's a spare in the box so no biggie, might pass the old one on to an engineer friend of mine, see if I can get one made in a stronger material...
  9. Feyd

    WE MSK Review

    Only section I re-oiled was the section of the hammer that rubs the bottom of the bolt carrier, that's where the problem is. I do know there are issues with over lubing!
  10. Feyd

    WE MSK Review

    I had a cycling issue that developed over time, the oil that was used internally combined with crud & the paintwork that stripped off the inside gunked up the hammer and made it stick to the bottom of the bolt carrier causing it to stick when returning, good clean & re-oil sorted it, also using a section of an old AEG spring as a semi-short stroke/forward assist buffer stops it happening even when gunked up... The hammer does seem to put a lot of pressure up onto the bolt carrier, it seems like it could lose a large section of it and still lock down reliably... Might experiment a little when I know I've got a spare part on standby...
  11. Feyd

    "New Wave" Small Rice 7 (MP7) Review

    Here's an odd question... Just got hold of the trade plate kit for this, does anyone know which way around the silver metal plate that fits between the stock & the grip go? It's worth checking a real steel version (not that too many of us have access to them!) the only review I can find that mentions it just says that the KWA and KSC have them turned around different ways...
  12. Feyd

    WE MSK Review

    That's a very good point, also I've seen quite a few metal mags with battered or missing baseplates too...
  13. Feyd

    WE MSK Review

    They both work, I prefer the pmag style, the only time I use standard m4 style is when I'm borrowing, it just feels a little wrong, don't know if I'm seeing a real performance difference or just because I'm borrowing someone else's gear...
  14. Feyd

    WE MSK Review

    Noticed a new bit of wear today, if anyone is having problems with the charging handle getting stuck halfway... When the handle is released it slams forward into a section of the upper receiver and uses it like a stop, it slowly deforms and works inside to jam up the cooking linkage... 30 seconds with a dremel to flatten it off, small coat of grease and it's back to smooth as butter. Worked flawlessly yesterday (in the cold and rain!).
  15. Feyd

    "New Wave" Small Rice 7 (MP7) Review

    Heat the spring and give it a flat end to bounce off?

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