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  1. dog green 1

    Post Apocolyptic

    Vest has been lightly sprayed with acrylic due to it being black. The jeans were stained with tea, coffee and powder pigments mixed with vegetable oil. All garments were distressed with hole saws, hack saws, wire brush and sandpaper
  2. dog green 1

    Post Apocolyptic

    Pretty much finished. Just the back of the vest which I forgot about.
  3. dog green 1

    Post Apocolyptic

    Love the head cage. Fake fur looks like it needs weathering. What ammo pouches did you use?
  4. dog green 1

    Post Apocolyptic

    Many thanks.
  5. dog green 1

    Post Apocolyptic

    More work carried out on this. Still need to add to labels and decals for a little more detail. Gas mask cannister (original with 60% original paint) needs stencils and some paint work, doesn't stand out enough. Hose to mask needs changing as its too stiff, also needs swapping to the other side as its hard to shoulder anything. Slowly getting there.
  6. dog green 1

    Helmet Pictures Thread - part II

    Was lucky enough to be sent the face shield by Master Leman in Russia. Favourite paint job so far.
  7. dog green 1

    Popular culture inspired collection and loadouts

    What are those revolvers? Very nice.
  8. dog green 1

    Custom Paint Work

    Various Commissions I've been working on recently
  9. dog green 1


    Now I can. Love it.
  10. dog green 1


    Really? You need to video that thing being fired. I've a centurion I've been working on "paint" wise. Great for a futuristic look, especially with a berrel extension, mock suppressor and illuminated scope.
  11. dog green 1


    Have you drop airsoft internals into that Jez?
  12. dog green 1

    Custom Gear

  13. dog green 1

    Helmet Pictures Thread - part II

    Not sure if this belongs here.
  14. dog green 1

    Videos Thread !

    As you can see I've no idea how to have the Youtube clip appear in the window. Help anyone?

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