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  1. http://www.ebairsoft.com/element-short-forward-grip-ot0404-black-p-893.html Thanks.
  2. This is my recently Acquired Famas that I tried to modernize. The shiny black plastic had to go so I used the spong painting tutorial to give it a camo finish. I also installed front RIS and created an optics mount for the top (they are out of stock most places and figured I could make one just as good or better). The sun made it shinier than normal This is the Optic mount I made. Its hollow so you can still use the Famas sights
  3. I sanded it down a bit and weathered it with a screwdriver and hammer. Then I used Guinness' black paint technique, but it turned out a little too dark, so i sanded it down again leaving some black paint in the divots and hit it with two coats of Minwax red mahogany and 4 coats of satin clear coat.
  4. I refinished the wood and made it look a little used. Before: After:
  5. My AK and accessories I'm thinking about refinishing the wood.
  6. FPS might be a bit low, but it seems to have a fine rof for me. Not everyone needs to ###### BBs.
  7. Does that really work? Where did you order from that would do that?
  8. Id reverse it Light gray frame khaki controls
  9. Has anyone actually gotten anything from "Airsoft Buddy" yet besides the gun itself? I heard something about free steel bolt catches, then it was a steel bolt catch when you have a magazine. Are their any pictures of the grey receiver version?
  10. I got a very similar experience from ebaybanned, but in the end I got exactly what I ordered. Gunner has never given me a problem. Just keep emailing them and I'm sure you will get through. If you are not so optimistic, see how long your card gives you to do a charge-back.
  11. Isn't the bolt stop one of the selling points? Parts breaking when there are no replacements NOW would make me very nervous and very skeptical. I think this gun has potential, but until they are shipping with reinforced/steel parts it is not a wise investment NOW. Also are people using 134a or green gas? If its shooting 450 on green how many of you can actually use it at your site? edit: You would have to a dumbass to get a WA M4. PTW at least works even though its overly expensive.
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