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  1. Looking for a Magpul UBR check rest in OD, hoping someone out there may have a spare lying around!

  2. Hey Noveske, wars have been started on bad semantics ;-) Thanks for the correction. but in any case I'm getting a CTR stock on that tomorrow :-D Will pass the 'MOE' stock onto another project! Thanks, J.
  3. I hear you, however this is setup is purely for the underground bunker I play at. The site is relatively small and engagements are quite rapid and very intense. It leaves little time to fiddle around with filter flaps etc. What I want (and hence setup) is an instant use of both types of lights without having to remove or occupy my hands away from being ready to fire. Under other circumstances I would have it setup as you've suggested. Also, to be honest the games last no more than 40 minutes and within that time frame the weight for me is a non issue, yet due to all the attachments it is h
  4. She's a bit of heffa... not sure of total weight but you do feel it after a while on you shoulder ;-) J.
  5. Oie.. Hands off my beeyatch! ;-) Just received the MS2 sling and been trying out how to use it. I've found that it, not surprisingly' works really well with the ASAP and RSA. Three parts combined can give you a real advantage in CQB style play. The best part is that you can transfer the rifle from left shoulder to right as you approach corners with ease and little to no thought. Can't wait to try it out at Epsom Bunker, the red light really helps getting around the pitch dark corridors safely and without giving away your approach, while the LED white light is there to startle and disor
  6. My Magpul CQB project so far... Wanted to use the UBR stock, but that stopped the ASAP mount from being installed so kept the CTR stock instead. G&P LMT MRP Madbull v2 TB Magpul MOE Grip Magpul MBUS (Front and Rear( Magpul ASAP Sling mount Magpul RSA Magpul CTR Stock Magpul XTM panels OFEK-2 Flashlight grip adaptor Surefire M961XM07 with Surefire red filter Surefire G2 LED G&P EoTECH (broken )
  7. Think I've finally got my CQB M4 sorted out. G&P LMT MRP (short) all whored up with Magpul furniture, Madbull TB, Surefire M961XM07 tactical flashlight with red filter, surefire LED and TDI grip, MS2, ASAP... now have to wait for next indoor game ;-)

    1. TheFull9


      Pictures, where are?

    2. Jamanyar


      Soon, tried to this afternoon but the camera battery was dead. Also with the kids on holiday it's so hard finding the few moments of peace to take some decent pics. Might as well now wait for the extra set of xtm ris panel to arrive :-)

    3. Jamanyar


      Pics up on the Magpul Picture thread :-)

  8. Tried Zeroin 0.2 bb's and found them to be pants, Just tried Blaster .25g BB's and the cheshire cat grin on my face is still there. Think I might attend sniper school now ;-)

    1. Tinkerton


      Found Zero One BB's to be quite good myself. Although admittedly i use 0.25's...

    2. Azubi


      I have heard more bad than good with regards to the Z1 .2s. Shame really as I was gonna buy 50k of them for the 249.

    3. Jamanyar


      I kept getting bb jams, in particular when using my G&P LMT MRP. It has a standard G&P hop unit with a TK barrel. It would jam every time I applied enough hop to give a straight bb trajectory. I have since swapped out to Blaster and the difference is almost miraculously different. Never going back to zeroing BB's sticking with blaster 0.25g BB's. Definitely worth the extra few pence per bottle.

  9. Tried Zeroin.2 bb's and found them to be pants, Just tried Blaster .25g BB's and the cheshire cat grin on my face is still there. Think I might attend sniper school now ;-)

  10. Thanks for the review. I purchased my Raptor in Multicam a few months back. Been out a few times with it and am very happy with the system. (only pic i have for now). My only niggle, is that the velcro on the shoulder straps are too small to take the weight of the PC. Evrytime you want to carry it around (even by holding it by the grip handle on the back) the shoulder straps part. Also, those wanting a lightweight setup, may be advised to look at some other alternatives, with a fully loaded rig (mine has 5 pistols pouches, 4 double M4 pouches, large utility pouch, pistol
  11. My G&P MRP wasn't feeding properly out the box (jamming on every time) Hop rubber hadn't been installed properly. sometimes quality control slips a little. But as Bladerunner said first thing to check it the hop unit and make sure everything is as it should be. J.
  12. Finally got mine the other day I have to say having owned over five other G&P's, this has to be the best by far. The quality if top notch. There is NO wobble, I mean not one thing on this AEG creaks, wobbles or gives. I absolutely love it! Now I do have to say that when I first got it, I took the internals working for granted and simply made it look the way I wanted (tactical lights, grips and stock additions etc). When I went to test it out, the dreaded bb jam occurred. Now here I am with an expensive toy shipped from Hong Kong not working. A little girlish scream was heard, alth
  13. Just ordered mine, MRP LMT Magpul Long (boring black ) Hopefully will put up some pic when i get it....(3-5 daaaaaaaaaaaaaaays ) Thanks hwagan for the excellent review, and info regarding all things G&P. J.
  14. Hey Hwagan, As always a great review. I think you should contact G&P and ask them to supply you with new items/AEG's to review Cheers. J.
  15. Hey, My experience last sunday with my new G&P Sentry was amazing. I love this AEG. I have two other G&P's and both have seen a variety of upgrades and improvements. However I am not touching this one, not even with a tightbore. The only things i may do is install one of Infected's (which are on their way!!!!) MOSFETs as I am now running on Lipos (7.4v). Thankfully the Sentry was running at 348fps (35fps site limit) so that was very pleasing :-) also it shot amazingly straight for a stock barrel, added to the fact that once the hop was set in the morning it never need
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