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  1. Another plus one from me.


    In the past few years I've bought a lot from them (a couple thousand dollars). Every order came through correct and shipping in all cases was extremely fast. They use Fedex for their express shipping. When I lived near Boston, orders would sometimes arrive as fast as two days.


    It should be noted that, according to their website, they do not refund seized orders, at least for the US.

  2. Can they be bought from a retailer already coated then?


    Good news about the prime lowers, may well have to order me one of them...if I can find it in stock. Gears rumours they have ceased production


    Teflon anodizing is not any more expensive than regular anodizing. In terms of AR15 firearms, some less tacticool brands choose to type 2 anodize + teflon (DPMS is one brand I can think of) instead of type 3 milspec anodization. It just makes the surface shinier and technically smoother, but it should not effect function in a properly lubricated gun, airsoft or otherwise.


    In fact suspect that the all Prime receivers are anodized + teflon straight from the factory: they are smoother and shinier than mil-spec uppers.

  3. I discovered last night that KWA USA has a dedicated forum for the LM4. Lots of good information on that site:



    So far for drop in, no mods necessary compatibility:

    MilSpec Stocks

    MilSpec handguards/rails

    MilSpec Pistol Grips

    MilSpec charging handle latches (just the latch, not the charging handle)

    MilSpec gas blocks/front sight

    MilSpec BUIS


    Thanks. Any idea how far off the upper receiver itself is?

  4. Indeed. Except I did mine back in 2008. :D


    Sick gun, and sick paintjob.


    As did I!


    Speaking of 2008, I think it'd be fun to post how these airsoft builds evolve. I'm feeling a bit nostalgic and also wanted to gather up the photos I've posted over the years, so, warning, long post:


    Aside from pistols and 1 AK, ARs are the only style of airsoft guns I've over owned, and I have a good amount of old photos. Oddly enough, in this period I've moved 4 times, so it's also a record of the various flooring choices I've encountered, so hope you enjoy :D


    This is how the CQBR I posted two pages back used to look circa 2008/2009 when I was still in college. This was my first WAM4 and began it's life as a WOC from WGC. This was also right around when the Block II craze started, as you guys have mentioned:




    An in-between phase culminating in 2010 where I added some doodads, none of which I liked or kept:




    I did minimal changes through 2011, most major being Prime to Inok receiver and fitting that rail flush, mostly in an attempt to make it more "mil-spec" looking:




    This laid disassembled for most of 2010-2011 before finally the mid 2012 changeover to CQBR I just completed. The only parts I've carried over are the fake can and the gas tube. Similar deck, similar airsoft, but 4 years apart:




    Some other gems from the past. SAM-R AEG, the last AEG I ever owned. Built in 2007 I think, currently in pieces:




    Several of those pieces were recycled into this SPR-ish GBBR, which is also now in pieces in favor of that 16" recce:




    And entirely unrelated, a 7.5" GBBR on a Iron Airsoft LaRue upper I split with someone on these boards, circa 2010 I think, currently also in pieces. The outer barrel was a really nice piece made by Prime, this thing was very solid and compact, which made me want to build the CQBR above:




    Thanks for looking.

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  5. Ok thanks.


    I asked because I can't fit a front sight (at least the troy ones) with the flashlight at 45°.


    Even with mine it is a very close fit. The clearance is definitely less than 0.2 mm between the sight and the light, you can fit a sheet of printer paper in the gap, nothing more.


    That's good for lefties like me since that puts the light in a place easily activated by your thumb, but it's somewhat awkward for right hand. I guess top mounted SR07 is still the most ambi choice.

  6. I'm wonder if the upper from this VFC will drop into a WAM4 lower? Has anyone tried?


    I'm thinking about a VFC/Iron Airsoft hybrid. The upper and bits and pieces from the VFC are a bit more authentic and up to date, but the Iron Airsoft is plain jane WAM4 and hence has potential skirmishability.


    Before any of that, does anyone have any tips on importing this to the US with trades intact?

  7. Did the provided barrel nut for the URX 3.1 fit on with out a hitch? I take it that is a G&P upper and lower?


    He's using a Prime upper. You can tell by the finish and the lack of a forge mark.


    I can tell you from firsthand experience that the URXII and URXIII tube will fit fine on a Prime upper. I believe the thread is different for G&P, but I don't have one to check with.


    The way the URX installs, the barrel nut actually threads onto the rail tube, so there is no problem there.


    Probably RS rail, but... does any brand makes the Airsoft version?


    Not that I know of. 5KU makes a "clone." I put that in quotes because it really doesn't look anything like a URX 3 or a URX LW. However, I'd keep my eye out on VFC, they are usually the first out with quality KAC fakes.


    The real ones however are now readily available in the states.


    Knights URX 3.1 + Prime magpul lower, almost done


    Very nice. I'll post a very similar build in a week or so.

  8. Finbarqs:


    Nice carbine. I'm surprised the AR15 forward assist fits into your Inokatsu upper? The dimensions of the airsoft and firearm forward assist, at least for WAM4/Prime, differ.




    For airsoft flashhider timing, I actually have a pack of 1/2" ID 5/8" OD orings that I like to use with a washer, instead of stacking shims which is very annoying. Since exact torque is not important, I hand tighten until solid. No shims to worry about. About $2 for a pack of 100.

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