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  1. That's great but what was the point of these (rather expensive) covers again? The helmet has water transfer MC pattern...
  2. What is the difference between the "Ballistic" style and the "Carbon" style? I am thinking about picking up one.
  3. Yeah it looks fine. But having had a CIRAS and selling it about 3 weeks after I bought it, I bet it must feel like *suitcase*.
  4. slu

    $1K club.

    I find KAC the fastest, because it's the longest. Troy is also good. Norgon, only if you have massive hands or long fingers.
  5. slu

    $1K club.

    It looks like B&T Rotex with those two switches.
  6. Here's one that I just copied from Jimmypie's post one page back.
  7. Yep, last night around 11PM EST, SQL page. But back up at around 12AM.
  8. So, you're saying, their website is a lie? You ordered directly from LBT?
  9. Either I guess. I'm looking at LBTs website, but they list all their 6094As as 1000D.
  10. I've only ever done a USMC grunt loadout, but new CQBR project has me itching to do an SF impression. Where are you guys getting your 6094A Slicks? I'm interested in a multicam one. Are there multicam 330D, or only 500D? Thanks
  11. slu


    From the album: CQBR

    Not a China clone.
  12. I have also observed this for the past couple of weeks at around 11PM-12AM EST. I currently live in western PA. I certainly think we're all talking about the same thing. Most of the time, the page will not load for a long time. Other times, I get database error.
  13. slu


    Yeah Russia!
  14. slu

    $1K club.

    In the firearm world, Magpul made a handful of these "Chinadoll" lowers (for AR15 firearms) a few years back and distributed them to employees and company friends. They differed from their regular billet lowers because of that Chinadoll marking. Needless to say they are very rare, and whenever one comes up for sale, the asking price is high. I mean, much much higher than what you would normally pay for a good quality lower receiver. Very much a collector's item. As far as I know, soon after that (2009-era), Prime made a handful of copies of the Chinadolls for the WA M4. I think when they w
  15. ATACs just scanned a Monet and made it their pattern.
  16. I think he's using an HK416-height rail with a normal height upper receiver.
  17. slu

    $1K club.

    In the spirit of blatantly showing off expensive things, a few things bought at a time when I had far more disposable income: To be fair, if you count the KAC panels, the GBBR itself is over $1K. I've been photo-whoring this particular gun out lately, only because I recently moved and am separated from my cache . On another note, with the exception of the pack, the gear in the background, plus way way more, will be on sale soon, along with other ###### already up for sale (hint, see signature).
  18. slu


    This one isn't mine anymore: it's now owned by Gunner79 of GGI. - Inokatsu Colt M4A1 2011 - G&P AN/PEQ2A - Aimpoint Patrol Rifle Optic w/ ARD, Rubber Cover - Matech 600m Rear BUIS - Colt 6920 Stock
  19. slu


    From the album: M4A1

  20. Like Agent Hunk said, the ICS is ancient doesn't look nearly as nice as hwagan's. I'm certain it's not. I have an older VFC, it's certainly nice, but super pricey. I don't want to ruin the resale value by painting it. There were some newer ACM copies that looked similar to the VFC, so I was wondering if that was it, so I asked.
  21. Nice. I'd hit the steel bits with some rust remover. Which brand is that silencer? I'd like one cheap enough to paint.
  22. I am using Windows 7 and Chrome. First issue: I've noticed that when I am typing with formatting (i.e., bold, italics, etc.) and in a situation where I have text with different formatting (i.e, some bold text, some normal text, etc.), when I press "Backspace" or "Enter", the cursor will first move to the position immediately after the last space and then perform the operation. This is somewhat annoying when typing lengthy posts that require formatting (i.e., a For Sale thread). Second issue: If at all possible, can we remove the time limit for editing a post? I know this may be a perfo
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