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  1. GBB version of what? It looks a self built gun on an Inokatsu receiver BTW, that is kit. Would be better with Prime A1 lower and genuine RIS II. Are the ironsights genuine articles from KAC?
  2. Snowman1: Thanks. I'm aware of that. On their site, they only listed complete kits (carrier + armor). FYI, I got a reply from SKDTac for a quote request saying they won't get any RBAV-AF carriers on hand until late July, They did not mention anything about requiring mil or LEO ID.
  3. You've found a place that sells the AF model? Carrier only?
  4. Orb, you have some really nice builds! Beat me to the punch, I still need optics and a flash hider washer for my Iron build. Would you mind me asking what method you used the pictograms/upper receiver/selector markings white and red? And which colors of paint?
  5. Might as well take the rear one off to save weight.
  6. orb: Great stuff. That is just terrific. Your M4 would make a great early-2000 Force Recon weapon. To you have 3-burst trigger groups in your lowers? Carter, Don Vido: Thanks for the comments, friends! The SPR? Really? That's like the oldest thing in those photos! I was hoping you'd ask about the A4, which is probably the least mutt-ish thing I have! Anyway the SPR is a WAM4 mutt. The lower is Prime with a 2nd gen LMT stock and Magpul ASAP plate, with G&P internals. The upper is an Iron Airsoft Larue upper with a PRI gas buster charger, KAC URX, ARMS rings and a few o
  7. Since the gov't contract was for FDE, your black is going to be harder to come by. Check out some firearms forums, they generally have more up to date information about that stuff directly from DD.
  8. Last but not least: https://danieldefense.com/rail-systems/ris-ii/mk18-rail-interface-system-ii-ris-ii-91.html
  9. Rocko: AFAIK, there is currently no M203 mounting solution for URX, mostly because KAC wasn't selected for SOPMOD 2. For the selection process, KAC made a free floating M203 mount which attached to the URX after you remove the bottom rail, but I would imagine those are extremely rare and expensive, and probably never copied in airsoft. It's more adaptable than the DD RIS II mounting method, but nowhere near as simple. Rail mount is probably your best bet, but if you really want a nice rail and free float M203 mounting, DD RIS II is your best bet. This is an excellent picture of the
  10. Looks fine! What is that? Magna? Steel slide and frame?
  11. Barrgh! Can't edit. Ok you mother truckers. You guys probably thought, "Oh boo-hoo, what an ash, posting some crab accessories in the picture thread." Ok, well here's some real, overexposed photos for you: Right Left Hmm, let's see, no, this isn't a copy of some KAC rifle, sorry, but I do have a lot of KAC tidbits on it. I wonder if anyone can name all of it? Do I qualify? And, this is also a failure at copying a Mk 12 Mod 1. Yeah, it looks the part, but things are off, some obvious, some not. I know probably half of you are Mk 12 experts (or have the ability to d
  12. This is probably not what you guys meant, but got some piddly little pieces today: Hey, it qualifies. Used to use a LaRue mount but it's quite chunky and doesn't have NSN goodness. I'll post some pics of the gun it goes on later.
  13. More lift would be called overhopping. For level flight, you need the correct amount of lift (i.e., equal to the weight of the BB). As for your first point, you could also call it more speed, since it is related to speed, but you are primarily concerned about the muzzle energy, which also involves BB mass.You can always change the muzzle speed of a given gun if you change BB mass. Muzzle energy is, to good approximation, a fixed characteristic of a gun (for an AEG, dependent on spring stiffness, for a GBB, on reservoir pressure).
  14. You don't need single shot mode
  15. slu

    $1K club.

    BillyWu: The obvious thing to do would be to turn your own 10" barrel.
  16. slu

    G&P WOC M7A1

    That has to be WOC-X, there is no bearing roller on that hammer
  17. In the photo you attached, that was an early Daniel Defense M4 RIS II, never really produced. The most similar current model is called the "RIS II M4 FSP." Here: http://www.danieldefense.com/?page=shop/detail&product_id=134
  18. slu

    Glock Picture Thread

    Very nice! I'm assuming you used an end mill? What diameter?
  19. slu

    Glock Picture Thread

    RM: What slide is that on the FDE Glock? The front serrations are nice.
  20. I like this! 16"? Not a big fan of the MBUS, but if your outer barrel is aluminum, I bet that thing is light as hell. Must handle very well.Silver buffer tube is very bling bling. Don't get it gold plated. Is this a TM EBBR? GBBR?
  21. I see. However, Badger Ordnance makes a Mk 12 gas block clone, that's the one I put on my SPR upper.
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