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  1. Is that foot molle compatable?
  2. EDIT: Whoops, damn photobucket uploading time..
  3. Trying to get a greenside seal marksman thing going, still need a sog seal pup, EI riggers belt, throat mic, and a EI or TT backpack of some sort though. (I dont wear both at once, of course) Looking to replace that old surplus EI dress belt with an EI riggers belt And I will simply link to my alice gear so my post wont be stupidly long. Front Back Right Left
  4. The $100 wood is for the g&g.
  5. Brucken

    Hissing Sid

    Um. That isnt what he was asking..
  6. Have a picture of your eotech on that?
  7. So it looks like pistol mag pouches will work, then?
  8. Looks like they restored it partially, It was pretty messed up earlier, having many parts of the site inaccessible, and the home page defaced by the hackers. Looks to be returning to normal now, though.
  9. They shipped my m14 yesterday, got it today. The front gas regulator thing was loose, but that was fixed with a grub screw. All in all, they got it to me fast, with intact trademarks, and for around $30 cheaper than I could get it in the states, highly recommended.
  10. Looks like you are all out of bandwidth.
  11. Front grip broke off a while ago though. EDIT: As did rear of weaver rail, as you can see.
  12. Does the slide cycle any faster than the normal WE high-cappa? I need to stock up on pistols for next years biohazzard, so this is a definate runner. Congrats on your new gun, and great mini-review.
  13. Not any worse than any other medium sized GBBs. I'm ordering one this week, cant wait. I've run mine on straight green, around ~300-400 shots through it so far, the slide stop notch doesn't look worn in the slightest, and all the other internals look fine. Im trying to get better pictures for the database, but the new camera is deciding it dosnt like me, so it may be a while.
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