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  1. eldannardo

    FN Picture Thread

    Primo dude, just pulled the gas tube out and put a 7.4 lipo stick in. With a small wedge in front of it the gas tube tightening screw holds the battery in place very firmly. The battery box was the one detracting feature of the gun. Thanks heaps for the idea.
  2. eldannardo

    FN Picture Thread

    Stock is solid. Uses the original Skeleton stock top rod (which is screwed to the M4 buffer tube) as the initial attachment to the body. There was a bit of play in it, but when the M4 tubes lock nut is screwed tight there is no movement al all. Will try a stick in place of the gas tube, keen to get rid of the battery box.
  3. eldannardo

    FN Picture Thread

    Few pics of the Tube assembly:
  4. eldannardo

    Pictures of you in the field or at a game

    H3 field NW of Auckland, NZ
  5. eldannardo

    What music are you currently listening to?

    Pendulum - NZ drum and Bass outfit
  6. eldannardo

    FN Picture Thread

    Got a 7.4 lipo in the PEQ box on the right side. Mag is a 1000 rnd high cap, looks cool but i use the standard sized mid caps.
  7. eldannardo

    FN Picture Thread

    CA SA58 OSW Found the folding stock to be a bit too long. A hack saw and four bolts later; sweet as.

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