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  1. Great seller, shipped my item quickly and has great communication.

  2. Yeah, I gathered that much from just about every page it's mentioned on. I'll grab a PSOP from Kalinka Optics (not sure if I should get the 400m or the 1000m one), or just use my 3-9 with an SVD low mount. I won't be seeing my SVD till August, it seems. The guy at Spartan Imports says late July for A&K SVD's to come.
  3. One of the local players out here has a business license with Spartan Imports, so we're going to try to get me one of these babies. I'd likely be getting one of the newest models, I think. I'll be sure to give some input on it, especially if it seems even remotely different from what I've been reading up on in this thread (I seriously just went through all 12 pages)
  4. Sure, if you've got the tools and skills for somewhat extensive modding. Also, on the note of the muzzle break, mine is metal. I had mine powder-coated, and I took a look at the break after the original paint was sand-blasted off. I don't know what kind of metal it is, but it's metal all right.
  5. What about 20m? Do you want groupings or something? I can tell you now that I've had no problem hitting targets 130' away, using a .3
  6. Yeah. From the shooting I've done, I've found the hopup to be VERY hard to adjust, requiring a good bit of finger strength, but very little effort if you've got some pliers or a screwdriver. The hopup is also pretty touchy, it won't lose its adjustment anytime soon, but the slightest bit too much, and it'll send a .2 straight up. I admit though, that I need to run .25's through it, I only happen to have eleventy billion .2's laying around and wanted to blow away some. My rifle's Serial No. is 144. As far as the stock piece breaking goes, mine probably broke during shipping. UPS is not kn
  7. Yeah, my new piece should be here in 1-2 weeks, and I think I'll order some spares as well. Edit; with the way the system works for the battery and everything... how were they removing the stocks and running battery bags?
  8. There's the damage on the stock, or more specifically, part 44. I haven't heard of anybody else having their G&G SCAR stocks breaking, so hopefully this is more of an isolated incident. Thought I'd show you guys. Stock falls open if I'm not holding it there, like in the picture. Hopefully nobody else has had this problem.
  9. Operator enough for ya? Probably not, needs more lasers and flashlights. G&G SCAR-L. Took it out of the box, and part #44 (the piece connecting the stock and body) was cracked, so the stock can't lock into place. I should have a new piece in soon though, Evike offered to order me a new stock set if I didn't want to just return the gun. Magpul AFG, Magpul rail covers, China EoFake, and (unpictured) a kawaii little watermelon charm my friend made. Stock for now, though I may drop in a new tightbore and hopup rubber. Hoping to make it into an accurate, longer ranged rifle. N
  10. Do you have any more updates to give us? How is your gun holding up so far? Any concerns or recent happenings any prospective buyers (such as myself) should hear?
  11. I had that problem. I unscrewed it, then screwed it in, and that seemed to have fixed it. Same problem with the front sight.
  12. Nothing special, just an Army L85A1. Haven't gotten an RRV yet, but I plan on picking one up; as well as an EoFake and some more mags.
  13. She ain't much, but she's mine. I bought one of the AK Boneyard Mystery cases from Airsoftgi, and ended up getting a Cyma G18c that only works in full auto, and a Cyma Aks74. I'm unsure if it's a Cm040 or Cm031c, and I'm not sure how I'd figure out what I have. Regardless, she's gonna become a project gun, I think. I need a new front sight (the flash hider SNAPPED off, it wasn't packed well), I just put it on in the picture, before it rolled off, perhaps I'll try some sort of strong adhesive or JB Weld. The piece that goes just behind the upper handguard piece is missing, so it has
  14. Should be exactly the same. The only real difference between this and the standard TM Desert Eagle is the extended outer barrel and the grip.
  15. If they make longer inner barrels, I see no reason why you couldn't throw one on. Likewise, with enough work, you could probably turn the outer barrel into a suppressor-looking device. I do think it might be possible to turn it into a working one, but I'm not going to say yes or no, nor will I say how. Edit: After playing with the gun enough, I can safely say that the newer grip design is better. While it does lack that nice IMI logo, it really does help you gt a firm grip on the gun, which is pretty important on a gun like this.
  16. Basics This specific pistol can be had from stores such as WGC, Redwolf, and EhobbyAsia. I do not know of any stores outside of Hong Kong carrying these. I ordered mine from EhobbyAsia, with a spare magazine and Marui Desert Eagle scope rings for $221 (total) on Thursday, October 1st. It arrived today (October 5th) through UPS. Upon tearing off the UPS packaging, this is the box that one is greeted with. After opening the box, you'll be greeted with the basics. Your Desert Eagle, Magazine, BB's (presumably .23 or .25), cleaning rod, manual, the "Do's and Don'ts List", and
  17. So what's the deal with the flash hider on these? Is it true that they're plastic?
  18. Well aren't you just a bucket of peaches? Question, how are the KJW M9's out there? I've always kinda wondered about KJW, I know a lot of people have their guns, but I always thought they were a lower end company.
  19. Bog standard TM USP .40S&W AEP, I love the rail on it though. Hits out nice and far too, much to the surprise of other players around me (and those on the other end too!)
  20. Delicious atrocity. I'm considering putting a CAW BG15 (rail mount version) onto it. Thoughts on that? And here's my recently sold Cm031b. This one was taken with my digital camera, so the picture's much better than the other one. I'm no artist, but I'm trying to learn how to play with a camera for some good looking pictures.
  21. VS's kitty. He died Christmas Day. RIP Binx. That *suitcase* sucked.
  22. Hot damn, that's not bad at all then! Thanks mate!
  23. I know how to take apart an APS2 like it's nothin', but how easy would it be to take the internals out of one of these puppies? What's the process? I want to get one for a concept USCM Sniper kit that I've been dreaming up, and I would need to consafe the rifle.
  24. Nothing special. I was actually just trying to get a decent pic of my patches...
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