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    Armalite Pictures

    I like the look of that a lot. Perfect blend of chunkiness and sleekness
  2. Only started driving a few weeks ago. So for now I have to make do with this RS125 which I bought off ebay recently. Derestricted though so not too bad for learning some road skills. My next bike wants to be one of these:
  3. Please put the rep system back! Just sold a gun and the buyer was, and quite rightly considering how I conduct business, very happy. Alas this will now have no bearing on any future deals as they couldn't leave public feedback on the deal.
  4. Nice Review. It sure is a tasty piece. Word of warning to add to your review though: I heard quite a few reports before purchasing one of these that they could also take standard KWC DE magazines and thereby run on green gas. So I thought I could have fun plinking on CO2 and yet still be able to take it to skirmish in the UK with the lower powered green gas. Groovy. Alas....... Well, the standard mags do fit fine sure...... but green gas is not powerful enough to operate the gun. It simply won't work. If you try to fire with green gas all the gas will be dumped in one fell swoo
  5. Nah, serious. It's sleek and black. Evil and sexy. It's completely different to a crusty old AK and I like it. Only thing I could suggest to improve it would be to get some mounted swivels for the sling. Aside from that, great gun.
  6. Feel free to post pics of cheap guns you got from the toot store, broken guns, crusty scratched up guns, very old guns, guns in parts, mods that went wrong etc etc..... Here is my Jieke P99 for your swooning:
  7. I was trying to make myself feel better dude, the little mag don't work right. You're heartless.
  8. Must admit, I really didn't like the extended mag at first. But the photos don't do the reality justice. When you've got the DE in your hands and you clip that brick into it (mag weighs slightly more than the gun itself does )........ it does feel kinda gooood.
  9. For futbolpunk, the full CO2 jobby:
  10. -35oC for I am an Inuit! Do you think this might have an effect? Nah, it's around 22oC. I posted a thread on tech forum checking all things gas as it goes (here). I think the temp's OK but not certain the gas is correct. Anyway, I just got a reply from UNcompany saying they think the mag itself is faulty and they will replace it. CO2 gets here tomorrow, full results on wther the gun itself works then I guess.
  11. In theory yes you can. In practice however I'm having BIG problems with that particular theory as it doesn't seem to operate on green gas at all..... But like I said, looks alright doesn't it?
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