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  1. Not sure about the Dboys QD M203 but the ACM and G&P versions do not fit on the WE M4 I tested. The outer barrel is too thick so it won't go on without some dremel work.
  2. I use cut up pieces from a hard foam sleeping mat.
  3. The one at Evike's is the same one Airsoft Buddy is selling. It has adjustable hopup. There's just one huge problem... they don't have any in stock.
  4. Aside from the occasional (and annoying) back ordered item I haven't had any serious issues with them. My only other gripe is that sometimes it takes a couple phone calls to get through to their customer service. But once I do it's not too difficult to get my item changed or refunded. PS - I find it humorous that people bad mouth retailers and in the same post admit that they continue buying from them...
  5. I have to agree. That's a really crappy job on the lower. There's no reason it should be so thin in that area.
  6. While ASGI does have a WE M4, I must agree with poison123, that comment shows a serious lack of familiarity with the AR-15 series. Sure there are similarities between the WE M4 and the real rifle but it wouldn't take more than a few seconds for someone to notice it wasn't a real firearm. Either way it's a nice GBB. Looking forward to reading a few in depth reviews from those who have taken it out to play.
  7. Lupus - Thanks for the initial impressions on the WE M4. Any plans on doing a range test?
  8. There's absolutely no reason to get a replacement for either of these assemblies. The only concern from the lower is the bolt stop functionality which has nearly been remedied from our discussions on GGI.
  9. neros131 - You may have some issues using the DD gas block on a stock WA M4. Because the grooves for the pins are not spaced correctly one (or both) of these grooves may be visible after you've mounted the DD gas block. The only option would be to purchase an Inokatsu front set. Apparently they use the proper pin spacing for a real front sight block on their barrels. Personally I'd avoid the s-mag because I like having the option of using my bolt stop. Besides it's one of the main reasons why most of us purchase a WA M4.
  10. Western Arms is definitely not going to drop their prices. People seem to forget that Western Arms really doesn't care about sales to any foreign markets. Now retailers might drop their prices just to unload excess stock but with the way things are going they've got a couple more months before they even have to worry about that problem. Oh and I'd still like to see this elusive Inokatsu GBB M4. From what my friends in Taiwan are saying there's 100+ preordered and only one (maybe) who's received anything from Inokatsu. Personally, I'd be real ###### off if overseas customers (Europe, U
  11. Prime just released a receiver set with Colt LE/Mil trademarks. The current price is over USD 900. Hahaha... we'll see how long that price lasts.
  12. shinhk - Can't wait to see that write-up. It'll definitely encourage a few more soon-to-be WA M4 owners.
  13. I'd prefer to let shinhk answer this as he's the one who "discovered" the solution. I firmly believe that credit should go where it's due. Here's his post on GGI: http://www.gasguns.info/forum/viewtopic.ph...2&t=35#p131 You can use the real buffer and buffer tube with the WA M4. I prefer to remove the internal weights when I install them but that isn't mandatory. -G&P Steel Sear Optional (there are very few complaints about the stock WA part) -Airsoft Surgeon 140% Recoil Set Optional (Personally I don't recommend it. Save your mo
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