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  1. Does your motherboard have integrated graphics, or do you have another card hanging around you can try? Or even one you can yank from a friend's pc for a bit. Couldn't hurt to rule out the graphics card. If that doesn't work, and it is actually a hardware issue, you may have a faulty motherboard. All my little glitches that I had recently were completely the fault of my mobo.
  2. That may or may not be a problem, with the next generation of consoles coming out, gaming graphics in general will most likely increase, needing more powerful cards to run at max settings. But who knows. I don't know about Nvidia, but for AMD the 7870 should do the job nicely. It's the slightly better equivalent of the 6870 I have, and that's still running games on my rig at the highest settings just fine. Any lower than that and you may run into problems later on.
  3. Never did care too much for the Phantom, looks too much like an Alienware case to me. I've always loved the Fractal Define R2. Other than that tiny detail, the computer looks pretty good to me, the 6870's OC nicely too.
  4. Not sure what you mean by complexity, since Eyefinity supports up to 4 monitors on the 6870. You need 2 graphics cards to do that with an Nvidia card, even the new GTX 500 series cards. I love this 6870. OC'd to 1000 MHz Core, 1150 ram.
  5. I prefer ATI(AMD) over Nvidia at the moment, really just because my motherboard only supports Crossfire, not SLI. I really have no preference between the two. And yeah, the 6000 series is very low power. GPU-Z and Furmark say it only draws 87W at full load. Most likely not accurate though. Sounds way too low. I should get one of the wall outlet things.
  6. Well, with consoles driving graphics in games lately, I can see almost any mid to high range cards lasting for a while.
  7. I heard about that 6950-6970 unlock. Makes me wish I bought one of those instead of a 6870. Oh well. 6870's are still real nice cards too. My build: AMD Phenom II 555 BE 3.2 GHz Dual Core CPU (Unlocked to Quad-core, running at 3.6 GHz. I plan to OC it further when I have the ambition.) MSI 870A-G54 Motherboard 4GB DDR3 RAM MSI AMD Radeon 6870 Twin Frozr II (OC'd 1000 MHz Core, 1150 MHz RAM) 1TB 3.5" HDD 650 watt power supply LG DVD burner Antec 300 case
  8. I *fruitcage* hate insomnia. I know I should be asleep. I have to work tomorrow morning, but nooooo. For some inconceivable reason I can't sleep.
  9. *plays violin* Seriously, it's February. That's what it does. When you start getting over 2 feet of snow in October, then you can complain. Edit: Okay so it was 2 feet...but the February thing still stands.
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