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  1. I have just realised since my other half went to see family on Friday i have lived souly on pizzas and crisps with alittle chocolate. Today i have Pretzel/cracker mix and a American Hot deep pan to sustain me.
  2. If you want to get truely weird and mentally scar people.... buy some teeth from ebay. Badbaz that joke was udder rubbish
  3. Finally my works xmas raffle was drawn today! Thus ends getting asked twice a day, since the start of November, whether I want *fruitcage* raffle tickets. The prizes were good, but it blows my mind that some people buy £60+ worth of tickets. Congratulations you won a £3 box of chocolates! I did win some red whine and THX styling tongs though, which the missus can have.
  4. They use (used?) Blue electrical tape to tape magazines together and whatever else, simply because that's what they have lying around, im guessing its the only colour issued (was issued?).
  5. quote name="k30dxedle" post="2652158" timestamp="1386001403"]Carbine pronounced with the long-E sound (IPA i:) is an acceptable pronunciation in American English. Always amuses me how on the Internet everyone's a prescriptive linguistics expert. Edit: true scotsman on radar, closing fast! chaff, chaff, chaff! You are correct. Pronunciation: /?kär?b?n, ) pronounced like my, so unless you pronounce my like mea like you are saying bean. Kar-by-n. Or; S ?b?n/ ) pronounced like see , so the e is a see noise, kar-bee-n
  6. I love Costa and Haleys accents, id happily watch that video just for their accents. "Beewm"
  7. Great review, looks like a lot of fun to shoot too! I might of missed it in your posts but do you have specific rules for it? Like, blast radius or M.E.D?
  8. There are loads of different types. It's like a text template / text recognition/ data base all rolled into one. So it might start off with some key words and template sentences and fill in the nouns, adjectives ect... from whats in its database/ libraries / word lists. Or acts like a search engine kind of , starts off with key words and searches the internet or its libraries, data base , lists whatever for sentences with those key words and mashes them together. Or another way, there is more than one way to skin a cat.
  9. Spambots could do that if programmed, but I doubt someone would bother. A minimum post count would mean they would just go back to spamming regular threads then creating new ones. As well as the new user section , I think it would stop new people who would maybe sign up to ask a question.
  10. Agreed on Lori, Rick needs to give her and his kid a pistol whipping. Daryl by far, is the best character, he wasn't in the comic (atleast as far as iive read) so I didn't like him at first. Stupid I know, but I don't think I would of watched this far without him.
  12. I got a pizza menu this morning in the post, advertising hot dog stuffed crust . :S
  13. yeah sounds like a emergancy tax to me, need to send off your p45/p46/p60.
  14. good comms, speedy payment, quick delivery. Nice bloke :)

  15. im probably being paranoid, but its kind of weird that both your first (and only) posts are reviews of this website. Especially since both posts are in Chinglish.
  16. hey, great seller! promptly posted and great communication.

  17. i have had a couple "who you voting for" callers, but they have both turned out to be jehovah witnesses. Aparently you cant get into heaven if you dont have a enough points but its ok to ###### and lie to get those points. Still i suppose its different to "as a person , do you ever worry about the bad things going on in the world today? if so you probably need more jesus* in your diet!" its got to the point where i even set a date for them to come back and talk to me about there religion, not that they ever do come back ..... im so lonely. *and by jesus we mean our exact interpritation, n
  18. i had an actual person i think. What bank are you guys with? whats the account number and whats your mothers maiden name? ... you know, to compare when my card got frauded, the lady was telling me the charges and asking if they where fraud. I honestly couldnt remember if they where mine or not! Besides the obvious £200 at HMV (not mine), she said some of the suspicious purchases where from airsoft retailers like fire support and i had to explain what i had bought and what it was for.
  19. sorry for the facepalm post but is this the shotgun this thread is about?
  20. i was in the middle of negotiations of a sale and the intire conversation has disappeared, the last message received was yesterday 09 April 2010 23:03:16 can i get this back? will this happen again? As i dont feel comfortable selling via Arnies if the messages disappear.
  21. thats pretty awesome! Then i noticed the web addy that says "radairsoft". Im having Saved by the Bell flashbacks.
  22. this is the chalker i use the normal black hawk p90 sling , very comfortable. I also had one that was supposidly like the SG1 sling made by "the vest guy" one of the most uncomfortable things i have ever worn, to the point it gavee me back ache after 5 minutes and restricted my movement. No matter how i adjusted it.
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