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  1. Geri

    Custom Gear

    Ok thats pretty sick
  2. Thank you It will be the stage one
  3. 3D printed Mod0 supp by Double Tap Designs
  4. This is something what people expect from you
  5. It is actually used by some guys in real life just like this, its not looking fancy and dosn't make sanse to mee neither, but i assume that those guys are not completly dumb and did it on purpose
  6. Definetly x300... xc1 is pretty only on the g19
  7. Still pretty, but I liked the green mesh more.
  8. yes its nbb for silent trolling...
  9. THX! I assumed it called zev... of course wrong
  10. I just googled it in the exact secodt I seen this pics and havent found a webshop... Where you get it? Or is it built?
  11. 100series... I use it as a "103" because I have 7,62 mags.... If you own a GHK you are already in the master race, the patch is just for show off
  12. if it would be a tri shot here is something else:
  13. I can think two things, the barrel not in the center, add some O ring between the inner and outer (if you can fit, it depends on the model and the manufacturer of the barrel) OR, and I rather think this is what happend, your sights are non zeroed or zeroed wrong, but of course the barrel can be bent, but only you can tell it by checking it. I always installed the nub just like in any other rifle, but mine has an aeg hopup nub, it increased the accuracy. The gas tubes ofter scratching the piston connector, just sand the edges of it where there is friction.
  14. Maybe cut them down The thread gave up on the mag base, the alu tube flew down.
  15. The Gen.1, it was pretty impressive explosion. At night in room temperature, and it wasn't a fresh capsule. The mag itself flew trough the room some meters, the gas expansion tube and the floor plate made some craters in the walls.
  16. We shoud read that review first... maybe there were something offensive in them? BTW we had a co mag explode...
  17. How can you not love the ak iron sight?
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