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  1. Does it happen with duster, only something you've only noticed with propane? If you knock the hammer when it's down without pulling the trigger, will the gun fire? And lastly, where did you get yours from?


    I noticed it with both gasses. It might be something that I did wrong when I loaded it, but I'm not certain. And do you mean decocking? Or fanning? I fanned the gun with no problem, but I haven't actually gotten to test the decocker yet. I got mine from Dentrinity. I sent the payment on the 18th and got the gun on the 21st (super fast!).


    thanks for the video!


    Im not a fan of the SAA though but if Tanaka makes a M29 as others have said I am sold.


    How does it feel to shoot though? I'd tought the gun have somewhat of a kick but the video made it look like you were shooting a springer, though that may be because its a video, hard to tell.


    There is absolutely zero recoil. I wouldn't expect any recoil from a revolver though. You only really feel recoil on Gas Blowbacks because of the slide's sudden movement.

  2. Thanks FatHammer.


    Any ideas on FPS (approximate) with the 2 gasses?


    And how many shots of gas does each shell hold?


    And does the "not firing on first shot" thing happen all the time, or just every so often?


    Thanks again for the review.


    I haven't brought the gun outside to test the range or fps yet (no chrono either). I found that the shells held around 3 shots worth of gas on Duster, and 2 on propane. And the issue with the first shot has happened about 4 out of the 6 times I loaded it.


    Question, The cylinder is still metal right? How is the over all look of the plastic parts? does it look nice like traditional Tanaka Black or is have a more plastic appearance?


    I think the cylinder is plastic, which is why they released separate metal cylinders. It feels extremely solid though. You can kind of tell that the whole gun is plastic if you look at it closely, but it still looks amazing in my opinion.



    Thanks for the positive comments!

  3. I got the new Tanaka SAA today. I loved it so much that I decided to make a short video review of it for everyone here.


    Google Video Link


    My video camera cut me off at a few parts, but the stuttering and tripping over words was all me.


    For those who can't view the video: This gun is amazing. If you like revolvers, get one.


    Hope you enjoy!


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