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  1. kix76

    KJW M4

    Hi tom I have no t_hum parts installed yet. ( sent yestarday an email, waiting) It's stock, just a custom prometheus barrel installed. Thanks for the tip, now I'm sure it's piston cup. Kinda unusable now ( I used the gun w/ propane ), I tryed to refurbish it, heated w/ a lighter and rebuild the mushroom. It's working now, with a lot of silicon grease, but it's for another 1000 or so bbs i suppose. (now I'm at 5-6000 bbs total , all with propane & 1 can of GG) I will install t_hum piston ...
  2. kix76

    KJW M4

    I have 4 magazines and already checked that. It's ok.. but still 20 bbs fired , low and slow recoil after 10bbs...
  3. kix76

    KJW M4

    Hi, Today, at 20 Celsius, I had a great decrease in power. With a full filled magazine (gas&bbs) , I just get gas to fire 20-25 bbs, and a loose of 20% at bb speed also. Usualy it shoots like 60bbs per fill. Any suggestions ?
  4. kix76

    KJW M4

    what about hopup issue ? my bbs even with max hop just go straight and after 35-40m drops. anyone else got this problem ? - i did not siliconed the mag or the hopup bucking and this is still happening after 1500 bbs . - i used 0.20, 0.23, 0,25, 0.3 , same result just bigger range as weight increases ( so practicaly i dont have a hop up system) . - as temporary fix, I used teflon tape to squish a little the gum, but the precision is too bad now.
  5. kix76

    KJW M4

    nonono, the cuts are made as perfect as possible ... and this issue I had with the stock barrel also. Out of the box, even with max hop and 0.2 bb, the trajectory was straight and down at 35-40 m. no "up" .
  6. kix76

    KJW M4

    Hi guys, I have one , what ?! this awesome GBB . Today i took it for the first time at the field. Totaly I shooted about 1200 rounds ( 200 0.25 and 1000 0.3 ). Prior to play I made some mods - hopup teflon tape mod .That's because I think I have the hopup issue. I didnt know there was such an issue, I was thinking that's normal ( all bbs, even 0.20, 0.23, 0.25 drop about 40m away even with max. hop, I was thinking something like "maby this is the way TK loves it" ) ). Anyway, w/ teflon tape after a lot of testing I've found a "position" , but it's now fixed for 0.3 . - barrel SRC 6.03 , i had it laying around, kinda buggy barrel for an AEG so I modified it with the right tools and now it's in my rifle. This was just for testing purpose, next week I will put a prommy in it ( with thisone I will go to a machinist to prepare it ). I used propane and it shoots starting at 155-157m/s (about 510 fps) with full mag and 0.2g. The lowest speed was ~ 145m/s (119m/s with 0.3) after burst and with mag almost empty... I got just 2 small problems in 1200 bbs fired but those was due to the dust ... fixed in about 10s during battle. Forward assist and everything else worked perfectly. Guys, what is with this hopup issue?! I've seen it accidentaly , this is the second time I try to read this thread, but untill now I'm just on page 16 . Many info and a lot to read. Nothing about the hopup untill now, and at my time/rithm probably I will get to that post in 1-2 weeks ). Is any fix beside teflon mod?! I checked my wheel , the lever pushing the hopup gum .. everything looks ok just it doesnt push it enough. Sorry for asking this prior to reading entire thread but is gigantic and the search function doesnt resolve much... P.s. sorry for my engrish

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