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  1. You can buy the real sword GB and drop it in for cheap, like 80 bucks!
  2. That is freaking awesome. I am so jealous of your amazing AK right now.
  3. Im trying, all I have access to at the moment is a cell phone camera. And, the G36 flash hider looks surprisingly good on it (in my opinion) despite it being "incorrect". I will post more as soon as I get access to an actual camera.
  4. My team patch (Commandos is for 49th Commando Grenadiers) with my nametape and morale patch- My teams custom t-shirts-
  5. Cell phone picture of my CA proline P90 with my FAPC P90 rig. The P90 is covering up a grenade pouch on the upper right corner of the rig that I use for radio/grenades.
  6. Cell phone picture of my HK 416
  7. Howd you put that folding stock on the Type 56? I have a 56-2 and I have been wanting to switch the stock on mine for a triangular russian stock or a Tantal stock like yours.
  8. Thats actually really freaking cool. Do you have any reference pics your going off of? Never seen the SEALs use the MP7 before.
  9. I am able to fit 2 double mag pouches on my plate carrier (so 4 in all), and I am using a compact one with no sides, just a front and back. I believe its called an OE Tech Compact Plate Carrier. Also, you can get a drop leg MOLLE plate form that will hold two mag pouches, OR you can get thevestguys special made 3 pouch P90 drop leg. Just google thevestguy and youll find his site.
  10. I like the smiley and frowny faces on your medic pouch Darklite
  11. Please excuse the hair on top of the goggles, camera man caught me when the top of the balaclava had just so happened to be riding up.
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