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  1. A few pics from yesterdays Sunday game in Gothenburg, Sweden.
  2. blog post uppdated with pictures. You can see the cameramount attached tempoarily with duct tape. On the other side there is a counter weight, but not as far from the helmet as the camera.
  3. The setup is really simple. I have a bolt and two big washers on each side of the helmet. attached to the bolt is curtain rod. the camera is just far enough so I can reach it. On the other side of the bolt the rod is shorter, but with a heavy weight to balance it out. To make it spin nicely I used ball bearings from spring guides I had laying around. I'll use it mainly on the Container yard area, going through a door in a rush will be very hard And it will not be used entire games, only for extra footage.
  4. I used the gopro on a monopd and as a headcam. For the 7D I used a shoulder rig. Mainly used a canon 50mm 2.5 for filming, but also a canon 17-35 2.8.
  5. Sure Clothes: TAD gear flux hoodie 5.11 pants Meindl performance boots Gear: ATS Raid backpack ATS M4 modular chest harness 4x 5.11 single m4 mag puches medium rollypoly A&K Masada with Eotech 511 Glock 19 in one of the m4 pouches bowman, ericsson r310s phone, casio riseman clock......
  6. And that Hampus is me Glad you like my pics. http://airsoft.abacrombie.se http://www.vimeo.com/user1304742/videos Me:
  7. Latest game: OP:Sierra http://www.vimeo.com/4246315 Fun Slideshow from a sunday game: Most of my airsoft pics: http://airsoft.abacrombie.se/ Some manips: You might have seen my team mates pics and films, Appslapp. If not, have a look at our team website: www.drapers.be Enjoy!
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