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  1. That is one way... Does anyone have any guide on how to make your chest rig or PC look used ?
  2. I know My next project is to make my chest rig look used and worn. Just not sure how to do it...
  3. Sorry for spamming but I just took a few more photos of my beloved rifle
  4. Here's the newest photos of my G&P Sentry...
  5. Thanks... I think the Sentry has been around for some time... However, I just got mine a week ago
  6. Spray paint your gun with a desert color paint. No need to cover the gun completely as most of the paint will be removed afterwards. When the paint is dry take a cloth, put on some acetone and start to rub of the paint. Don't press too hard as it will create some naked spots which will look weird. You want a look as the gun is very dusty and you just wiped off most of the dust with a cloth. That's basically it... I removed the red dot, PEQ, light, vertical foregrip and stock and did them individually. You will need a good amount of acetone, 200-400 ml. So do it in a good ventilated
  7. Here's my M4. Just finished the paintjob... Wanted a used dusty desert-like look...
  8. Here's a quick image of my new Warrior W-901 Delta chest rig with some patches... Oh, the radio is just my old police scanner. I don't use it for airsoft, just added it for the looks. Sorry for the crappy image quality... It's pretty simple as it is now but more will come...
  9. Here's my desert kit/loadout so far... It's still a work-in-progress so it's not 100% complete yet. I still need new gloves, some patches, maybe a tactical belt for pistol holster and magazine dump pouch. Regards, Laursen
  10. Did you get any mails regarding order confirmation, tracking number or anything ? Or did you just get a mail regarding completion of payment ?
  11. Hi, Ive just put in an order at www.uktactical.com but I have some questions about them. I payed via PayPal (MasterCard) and received and email from PayPal telling me the payment was completed. My bank statement also confirms that the money has been withdrawn. But I haven't got any information from UK Tactical, no order confirmation, no shipping information, not anything. I've tried to email them (3 times from one email address and 1 time from another emial address) but haven't got any responses. I then tried calling them but voicemail came on immediately telling me the sal
  12. It's because I'm using a Strike Systems ACOG sight and they can't be mounted directly in the carrying handle.
  13. So I wanted to try something else instead of my ACOG red dot. So I searched the Internet for inspiration and I found a cheap CQB red dot sight from UTG. So far I'm very happy with it but I've not tried it in any skirmish yet... So based on it's performance I wil decide whether I'll keep it or sell it
  14. I'm using a Strike System ACOG. I need a G&P ACOG before they can be mounted directly in the carrying handle. It's on top of my wishlist
  15. Hi Jin15... First, thanks for the comment, really appreciate it I haven't tried putting any RIS on it. I'm thinking of doing it but I like the look of the standard handguard and with the different rails I've mounted it can accomodate all my needs for attachments.
  16. Here's a few updated pictures of my AR-15 A4 Carbine fitted with Gemtech G5 silencer, ACOG red dot sight and a tactical light. Basically all other things are standard, however this is the 2009 model from Classic Army with factory upgraded parts compared to the previous version. Originally I wanted a handguard with the built in M500 light to follow through on the SWAT look. But all I could find was the ones from G&P and they wouldn't fit onto CA without a bit of modding. But the G&P Scorpion flashlight is actually very nice... Very bright, rechargeable (recharging plug connects dir
  17. My M15A4 Carbine with a Gemtech G5 silencer... Bought it for the looks but was surprised of how much effect it had on the sound...
  18. Here my M15A4 with a G&P R500S torch... Really impressive when considering build quality, finish, rechargeable batteries, output etc...
  19. Here's a couple of updated images of my M15A4 Carbine. Originally I wanted a M500 but the ones I could get were G&P's and they wouldn't fit directly on a Classic Army without a bit of modding AFAIK. The G&P R500S throws 500 lumens according to the manufaturer but I would say a more realistic estimate is around 400 lumens... Still very impressive when you consider the price and it has a rechargeable battery... Oh yeah... It looks awesome on a M15... / Laursen
  20. Nice... Thanks... Haven't seen that
  21. *Not sure if this thread belongs in the "Weapons" or "Kit & Loadouts" section. Otherwise please move to correct section* I love the look of lights mounted on rifles and therefore I would like to see you rifle-mounted lights for inspiration. I will post an image myself as soon as I get home from work. I have a Classic Army M15A4 Carbine mounted with a G&P R500S rechargeable light. Here's an older image of my rifle mounted with the smaller Surefire 6P
  22. My M15A4 Carbine (the new 2009 model with upgraded parts out-of-the-box). I've installed a tight bore barrel, ACOG red dot sigt, a SureFire 6P flashlight and a Gemtech G5 supressor. It's only 1 month old and I've been using it 3-4 days a week without any problems or issues.
  23. Now that you say it, it actually does look like it's been drawn on it. But it ain't I've had my turn with some fine grained sandpaper and steel wool
  24. Here's a couple of images of my KJ Works Colt M1911A1 with a more worn and weathered look. Hope you like them
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