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  1. ^ No, the Vltor VIS is another 1 piece upper. I prefer the sleek look of the LMT one though.
  2. Had a quick shoot today with a friend.
  3. ^Looks good! What kind of optic is that?
  4. Yep, G&P LMT AEG. I've got one "Magpul" themed gun, and that's where the lower came from. That gun got really old me to fast haha.
  5. Magpul lower is not going to stay. LMT lower is going to be back on after I do some work on the gearbox (and likely no Magpul furniture either).
  6. ^ I also plan to get a DSLR in the future. Point and shoot cameras aren't cutting it anymore!
  7. Very nice Vercingetorix! I just got my Dytac T-1 w/ KAC mount combo last week. The dot is nice and crisp, and feels super light- so light that I could've sworn my package was empty! The rail panels (which used to be black) were rattle canned then finished with a touch of black and brown to give it some texture.
  8. My G&P SR15 URX. I wish G&P made a receiver with ambi controls.
  9. That is one purrrdy SR-47 you got there!
  10. ^^Is that the King Arms metal body?
  11. Friend's LR300. Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  12. A little detailed pic of my SBR.
  13. Just out of curiosity, is that Hollywood Sports Park?
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