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  1. Bought a GHK 105, been a while since I've had a fresh gun to pour money into.
  2. In the reserves at the mo but it's a totally different envrioment. If I ever become single again I probably would sign back up.
  3. I was literately about to post the same thing! Since leaving the army I've had 3 different jobs in 2 years and still can't figure it out. Looking at random jobs on websites like Reed is the most depressing thing ever when you can't understand what half of the roles are and the trainee ones being graduate only.
  4. Maybe it could be as simple as people liking the look of a civilian AR15 to a mil spec one.
  5. Don't want to feel left out from the super fun Viking day last weekend. I'm part of the 5 on the left partially obscured by Mr Kryptek. If anyone remembers the Saturday night I was the guy making a massive tit of himself lol.
  6. I've come from a regular Air corp unit to a reserve Infantry one and I was shocked to find them more laid back than my last unit! Happy things, taking the week off to see the family back in Hereford inbetween two weekends of skirmishing
  7. Generally cheaper to order from HK than the states.
  8. I've reenlisted with the TA and did a trade training course with some new recruits. Totally different mindset from the regulars and it's obvious they're making the courses easier to get maximum numbers through for army 2020
  9. After being unemployed since June I got three job offers this month! Can't be too long till I'm back on the working wagon now.
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