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  1. Viper gbbr - parts list here: http://airsoftbuilds.com/weapon.php?id=964
  2. Slide, Frame and Trigger painted with duracoat.
  3. No - its a TM MEU with the PGC Kimber Warrior kit. Full parts list here: http://airsoftbuilds.com/weapon.php?id=662
  4. Victory - looks great - love the MRE. Is that the G&P one?
  5. Training blade in the sheath... and actually, the sheath is coming off the belt - being replaced with a couple fast mags for a light weight loadout.
  6. Does it have a split gear box? Quick change spring/cylinder to go along with the swappable barrels? Man... now I gotta put my other build on hold until I get all the details on this.
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