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  1. Hey mate. I just read your review on the G&P Oakley Special Forces goggles. Im really considering buying them, but as you say about the strap holders, they are s**t. How did your project with fixing them go? If thats a good fix, i would do the same then :) Thank you!!

  2. [Apex]

    MP5A4K 2.JPG

    wow thats one cool MP5... what did you use to make that? i really like that stock!
  3. whoar thats a beastly looking thing!
  4. [Apex]

    Armalite collection.JPG

    that bottom one is massive! are you compensating for something? lol
  5. [Apex]


    shes beautifuls!
  6. [Apex]


    now THIS is more like it! i completely love this gun! it looks like something id easily have carried on my back as a sprey n prey back up or perhaps mounted underneath another gun
  7. [Apex]

    Working Prototype

    F**KING AWESOME! id love one myself, and i HATE armalites! as far as a lazer and torch, could you not add some rails to the side of the foregrip? or perhaps on the bottom? well nice job man, i bed this kicks *albartroth* in CQB, what about the drum mag also? that would look awesome!
  8. [Apex]

    Tef's Carbine 02

    that could work, providing you get all the aug parts inside it and secures right! hey, anythings possible with a hollow shell, i think if i were to try this, id use a hell of alot of glue and polly filler to make all the space solid and to hold everything in, but providing theres a battery and everything in there, it would work a treat, i mean who cares if you had to have like a lil hole in the stock rather than the actual mag well? it would look rather cool i do say so my self!
  9. [Apex]

    Tef's carbine 01

    that could work really well, if i had enough money id buy a g36 and an aug and try it, too abd i dont have that much money eh? well i might try it when ive actually got a job i mean the worse thing that would happen is id have 2 new guns, the best thing is id have an uber cool self made custom gun well nice idea, ill bear it in mind if you dont mind me perhaps trying one day!
  10. [Apex]


    very VERY nice, i want a gun wall, and its so much better, theres only 1 armalite! its nice to see an AUG, a g36c and a AK beta spetz up there, you my man, must have a vey similar gun taste to me, for those 3 guns, had the AK betz Spetz been real, are *fruitcage* awesome guns!
  11. [Apex]


    is that an m3 i see? with a tac lite? you just keep on getting better and better my good man! also is that a HK 45? me likes alot also! 2 great guns, especially in CQB!
  12. [Apex]


    two great FN's, the Five-seveN and the p90, good man, very good man! the asthetics of the p90 are amazing, i had a TM p90, the only reason why i got rid of it was because it lacked the range and accuracy i required, but still, real-steal, put it in the right situation and youve got yourself some P\/\/n@g3!
  13. [Apex]


    holy *beep* a Five-seveN... I LOVE IT< I LOVE YOU< AND DID I SAY, I LOVE IT! is it real-steal? if so, thats a nice mother *fruitcage* pistol you got yourself! good man! i take back all the american stuff, your obviously worth of a pat on the back!
  14. [Apex]


    now were talking, its still a part of the damned m16 family, and its still american, but with the whole stock, the 2 taclites, c mag and what not i like, and the digi camo and tac dot scope, its almost enough to make me cum my pants!
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