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  1. Thansk for the suggestions I chose the eagle gps pouch thanks guys!
  2. Where can I get the thingy that holds The gps on the wrist?
  3. Ive always had a problem with his name. It's cool they will learn him quick.
  4. And like everything there are exceptions to that rule.
  5. i bet thats a funny conversation they are having. " So who shot the law at the window? it was dave I swear. Sure now we just have to saw it was like this when we found it.
  6. There are alot of un written rules in regt. Ive seen alot of different gear but being lower enlisted you arent allowed to get away with some of the things that the seniors do. Then we have our own secret squirrels units which do whatever they want. By right though it makes sense when you get to the level that these guys are you dont need someone to hand you somthing and tell you use this, you know what works and what doesnt. Most people come from certain areas in the army so if you think about it all the gear you associate with 508th maint is really some way or form related to other special op
  7. Let me know if you figure it out...lol common delta kit's cookie cutter seal kits some even say they know the SOP's its great to be enthusiastic but were is the LOA
  8. for a second dude i thought you were an sf guy until i saw your uniform wasnt sterile. Good job though
  9. Uh, im going to say no. solely based off the type of jump wings he is wearing on his chest. I would assume those are iraqi jump wings. Im not sure how their uniform regulations are but if it is anything like ours you can wear patchs from joint operations on your right sleeve without being apart of that actual unit. There is female somewere in the army running around with a ranger scroll on, just because she was attached to the regiment on a deployment. besides he a lil clean shaven to be sf in threater.
  10. could someone enlighten me as to what normal delta kit is ?
  11. Really? you sure about that?
  12. It depends on your command mostly if you can wear it in garrison or not. Its normally looked at as a field only item. They look dumb to me i dont know why anyone would want to wear it...a style thing maybe?
  13. Dont concern yourself with Asymetric group they arent what you guys should be trying to model yourself after. As far as what is and what isnt being used, you cant narrow it down to pictures and what you have seen over seas. As those of us in the army know units have budgets and what they do with that budget is up to their chain of command. So stop saying people use this and people use that cause the truth is because you have seen it doesnt make it the norm. For those of you tryiing to do a loadout, why dont you use generic items you know are issued and leave it at that because when you try to
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