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  1. They've been out of stock for donkeys
  2. Where is everyone getting these 7.62-H suppressors?!
  3. Thanks for that, that's what I'm using just now but doesn't feel right. Any recommendations on good 2-point sling setups?
  4. What sort of sling is everyone running with their SCAR H's? I can't seem to find anything that works well...
  5. KSC Glock 19 with a PGC Slide and Barrel set -
  6. Couple of phone pics at the end of the day. Pretty happy that I've now got trousers that fit, shame it had to be a set of Crye's that had to do it
  7. It's times like this where I scramble for the "like" button. Dave, I like your post.
  8. Nice, thanks for the info again...it really sounds impossible to mess up. May give it a bash this weekend. I weathered away my MK18 totally differently and wouldn't do the same to my scar so thanks for the help! As for the rubber, was using the stock with a madbull 6.03 inner (I've got the full length barrel in) and wasn't too impressed. I've now got a prometheus purple rubber and have PTFE'd the barrel and hop unit and am a lot happier now! It's running at 335 FPS (with 0.2's) and I'm using 0.25's in it if that helps.
  9. Great, that looks absolutely fantastic. Did you wait for the paint to dry first before rubbing off or whilst it was still wet? It's a lovely beast, after a new hop rubber installed she's shooting like a pro.
  10. OH YES. Care to tell the technique? I'm planning on doing it to mine...but have no idea what method to take without *fruitcage* it up!
  11. Well work the effort though, looks great.
  12. As I said...about 3 hours with a file. Had to reduce the thread width on the upper receiver enough for the DD barrel nut to fit. Very laborious procedure but if you start at the top and slowly work your way down it'll eventually screw on all the way. Man than sounds wrong...
  13. It was a case of about 3 hours with a triangular shaped file...
  14. One Marui P226 - Real Steel Grips installed plus a few internal tinkerings to push it up to 310FPS and increase shot efficiency.
  15. Stirrat and Myself (the taller one) at a game yesterday. Some lunchtime posing pics. Generic SEALs/DEVGRU modern impression, nothing too specific on date/op.
  16. That's fantastic, ta very much :)

  17. You *fruitcage*. I had my volume on full when that video came on! Great work anyway
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