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  1. Thanks I'm planning on changing the VFG, I was considering a RVG in dark earth. Optics wise I was thinking of going for an eotech on a low profile mount like your one I really like yours aswell, there's a PEQ 15 on the other side of mine aswell
  2. No kit just a stock Tm chrome sig 226, picked up cheap second hand because the slides chipped slightly at the rear and one of the grip screw is missing
  3. Decided to paint the grips on my tm sig tan.
  4. Ha, I was gonna order one from there earlier, was instock this morning and when i went to order this afternoon they were out of stock. I think they've got the same one on Airsoftworld though, slightly more, but I want it for the mall on sunday.
  5. Haha just need some form of optic now unfortunetly jon dosent sell them
  6. My ICS M4 with HK416 front end fitted. Sorry about the phone pics, can't find my camera lead.
  7. A ruger with a extended barrel and a hanguard fitted with a bipod and red dot, it's not mine, I was borrowing it from a friend of mine
  8. Yup, young Melvin has got no trigger discipline
  9. Its my ICS M4, the handguard is indeed taped on for the moment I'll have an eotech for it tomorrow, then all i need it a flip up rear sight.
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