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  1. vowlesy

    SIG Picture Thread

    No kit just a stock Tm chrome sig 226, picked up cheap second hand because the slides chipped slightly at the rear and one of the grip screw is missing
  2. vowlesy

    SIG Picture Thread

    My TM SIG P226
  3. vowlesy

    SIG Picture Thread

    Decided to paint the grips on my tm sig tan.
  4. vowlesy

    Pictures of you in the field or at a game

    A ruger with a extended barrel and a hanguard fitted with a bipod and red dot, it's not mine, I was borrowing it from a friend of mine
  5. vowlesy

    Videos Thread !

    Heres one i filmed in one match yesterday
  6. vowlesy

    Pics of your Gear

    Just what i bought to use for skirmishing, their not my proper goggles, ise a full face mask bceause im under 16 but couldnt find it atm.
  7. vowlesy

    ICS MP5A5

    ICS MP5A5 sportline with some magpul goodies.

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