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  1. Cool videos. The orange tip killed it a bit, but I know it's the law for you. Why was the guy holding the snorkel in his mouth even after he left the water? He was up walking around still breathing through the snorkel.
  2. Very nice. I like the Maori/Polynesian style.
  3. LS, I take my hat off to you, sir. THAT, is one impressive collection. And as others have said, "How?" Did you win the lottery or something?
  4. Anyone have the G&P G36 long front-end upgrade set or something similar to it? I'm looking into purchasing and was wondering how the longer barrel attaches to the barrel already in place. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. Is that the CA G36? If so, are you happy with it?
  6. Interesting... I will have to see what I can do to obtain one of those.
  7. What kind of flak/armor vest is that? It looks like the German flak vest but with a different cover. Otherwise, nice bit of kit... And I am not jealous at all that you get all of that CADPAT for free...
  8. "Tramp stamphttp://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/index.php?act=post&do=reply_post&f=234&t=153067#"... Funny word... Anyway, nice tats. What does the one in Mandalore say?
  9. Those two pics are quite brilliant. Very nice feel to them.
  10. I'm really liking that LEGO fibre optic sight.
  11. I have heard the exact opposite about CA, at least the G36 version in their line.
  12. Thanks mate. I really want to find the vest... To me it's what makes the uniform.
  13. Nice set up. Where did you get the flak vest?
  14. Can anyone tell me if the CF tact vest has any molle on the back (same vest as in top row here: http://www.armyissue.com/Gallery/thumbnails.php?album=6)? I cannot see from the picture if it does or not. If it doesn't, how easy might it be to attach a hydration pack to the back?
  15. Can someone give me a link to the M84 flak vest? Must... Have...
  16. My kit. Gun isn't "correct", but I have no armalites at the moment. Also, no green gloves, but it's decent. Even with a "classic" M1 steel pot.
  17. Maybe I am just stupid, but I cannot see what it is...
  18. Any one know what they do with the pistol now? Is it just attached via normal pistol belt these days? And the vest sounds nice enough, but I still don't know if I'm sold on it yet. Maybe I'm still too in love with the webbing set...
  19. Nice vest. From where did you get it? Also, what's the storage capacity of the mag pouches? They look to be able to fit one each, but I could be wrong. Also, are they any other pouches on it/ is it modular in any way?
  20. Here's mine... More to come, after I stop buying so much airsoft stuff...
  21. Can one of you UMP owners tell me the length of your mags? Can they fit like normal MP5 mag in normal mag pouches?
  22. Thanks. I've seen pictures of it, but it all blends so well I can't really notice any of the separate pouches.
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