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  1. I just received one of my customer's reply. He told me that his WE GBB M4 received and found that just like a used airsoft rifle. I was shocked when I see the photos. It's really like used. But according to our normal procedure, we must test and double check on all items that before ship out to our customers. But this time, I don't know what happened to cause one of my customer received a WE GBB M4 like this. So I will arrange to ship a upper receiver and lower receiver to him on tomorrow for his replacement. Of course, I also will remind my colleagues to double check clearly before they ship
  2. If you changed the stock to Vltor or Magpul and the hand grip, then will be excellent.
  3. Today just got the new design with Hop-Up inner barrels and the new hop-up rubbers. Also the Complete Upper Receiver Sets are available too. For the new inner barrels, now just available at 363mm only. If you need 262mm, then we need to help to cut it from 363mm's inner barrels.
  4. Just got the new information from WE today. All spare parts and reinforced parts are selling in the market, they mainly for gas charge version's WE GBB M4 (all existing versions selling in the market). For CO2, WE said that just need to order 2 small parts for exisiting's versions WE GBB M4. Then can use the CO2 mags. For the 2 small parts, WE will notice us as soon as possible. So your existing WE GBB M4 can fit for 2 kind of mags (gas charge and CO2).
  5. New reinforced parts from WE. http://www.airsoftbuddy.com/index_eproduct...products_id=264
  6. I will ask WE to see any news update about everything on WE GBB M4 at this Saturday night. Once I got any news, I will post it here to share with you guys. Such as the CO2 mags.
  7. AB have the worldwide warranty for all WE GBB M4. AB's customer can send the problem parts to us, then we will ship back the replacement parts to you. This service is only provide to anyone who purchased the WE GBB M4 from us. For the warranty of the mags, we don't have the same worldwide warranty. But we have spare parts for sell at our store. Such as the follower, gas valve and charge valve.
  8. If you use the design hop-up with inner barrel, the distance will be more. One thing I never told, this new inner barrel is 6.02mm. So the accuracy will raise up after installed to the WE M4.
  9. Yes, outside and inside are made by steel.
  10. Yes of course. You can see the hop-up is changed. And the inside of the inner barrel is anodized. So it's more smooth than before.
  11. For the new hop-up design with inner barrels (262 and 363mm), I will place order to WE today. I hope I can get it as soon as possible to place at AB for sell. All WE M4s that we are selling is already included the new design hop-up with inner barrel. Now all delay problems happened before time are settled. I'm fully 100% work at AB now. So your enquiry and orders will response not later than 24 hours.
  12. I've took some photos tonight about the steel nozzle assembly for WE Gas Blow Back M4. Actually this kit have 2 powers for you to choose. 300fps version and 480fps version. Only the nozzle made in steel. Please refer to the following link for both power versions. http://picasaweb.google.com/kcyauwil/Steel...EGasBlowBackM4# And these 2 items are now available at our store now.
  13. Actually now we have the steel bolt carrier for sell. It's good to use on power over 350fps. For the CO2 mag, I've asked the boss of WETTI. He said that need one more month to launch. That's what he told me on last Thursday night. The stabilizer is hold tight the valve rod with the bolt carrier. If now without this stabilizer to hold the valve rod, it may easy to loose. So you need to use the screw driver to screw it tight again. After installed this stabilizer, then you don't need to check the valve rod loose or not. For the price list of replacement parts of WE Gas Blow Back
  14. All prices are set by WE, so we need to follow WE's prices. But you can see that a lot of replacement parts are very cheap. And the Part #42, the one that we sell is around 300fps. It was tested by 0.2g BBs with top gas. Maybe the different weather, the power maybe different. The new design hop-up with barrel is now available to comes with all the WE GBB M4. For standalone item, then we may need a bit while.
  15. For your information, all WE Gas Blow Back M4 at our store, are already comes with the new design hop-up with carbine length's inner barrel.
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