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  1. ^That is a bit of a problem, but here is a cheaper one. Although free is still best. http://www.airsoftbuddy.com/index_eproduct_view.php?products_id=615
  2. Ray L do you own one? if the answer is "no" you need not even respond. Mine has performed beautifully through thousands of rounds of shooting. I am not by any means a WE fanatic, in fact some of there products I would never buy, but to keep people from buying one because of your apparent hate for the company should not continue. Let me say again, I am not a crazy WE supporter, but I do think that this is a quality product they put out and I recommend it. As said above, GBB require tweaking and maintenance. You can not just pick them up, use them, and put them back like you can with an AEG
  3. WE themselves confirmed that the brass tube system works better then the open bolt system. The only reason that they are producing it is because there were some complaints about the look of the brass tube.
  4. *UPDATE* I have used this in a few ops now, and I must say I am quite impressed. The accuracy was not as bad as I originally thought. It is really quite comparable to my AEG with similar barrel length. Range and accuracy wise it functions much like most AEGs. Not highly impressive and yet not unimpressive either. Just run of the mill. I am very pleased. I use this quite heavily now. If you have any specific questions, you can pm me for answers.
  5. sorry to hear that mate, I have had no problems with mine. It sounds like you mag might have a leak and thats why you can only get a partial mag off. Check all the seals to the the tank out, take the mag apart and pry it out, then sand down the inside of the metal ring just above the threads.
  6. I give it and 8 out of 10. I am quite happy with it. The only down side is the accuracy, but for me its a CQB weapon anyway.
  7. There is a switch on the mag that allows the bolt to lock back when empty or not to. With no mag in the gun the bolt will not lock back.
  8. ^ as I said I have not been able to test it at long ranges as of yet, so I cant tell you how effective it it. But from my small test it seems to work just fine. As for adjustment, it adjusts the same way a g36 hopup does. You just turn the nob. Quite simple
  9. $75 from airsoft global. Took 4 days to get here. (South Dakota) Global does not say that It comes with two mags, but I was pleasantly astonished. About the trigger mech, it appears to be solid and I have had no problem thus far. But time will tell I guess. So far I am very pleased.
  10. I was able to chrono it indoors, and It chronoed pretty constantly at 452fps with green gas. Also, here are a few pics of the trigger mech
  11. I have a rather long hallway I took shots down. I guesstimated longer ranges and performance from that. (It can be and probably is off) I will get more precise results when the weather permits (its 10 degrees outside) The trades were covered in tape, extremely easy to remove. On the pistol grip in my pics, you can see the shiny silver surface. those are actually KAC medallions. The flash from my camera reflected all the light back so you cant see the logo. Those medallions have to be put on by the user, they come in the box and are sticky on one side.
  12. WE GBB PDW Table of Contents: Ordering Basic Gun Information First impressions/Packaging Included Gun Specifications Externals Trademarks Magazines Performance Internals Modifications Pros/Cons Overall Ordering: I purchased this gun from airsoft global, but it can be found at most overseas retailers. It should not be too long before you will be able find it in a US store. it will run you about $280-$310usd Basic Gun Information The WE PDW is a full metal gas blow back carbine produced by WE. First impressions/Packaging: The g
  13. thanks, but It not suppose to resemble the real m110. I call it an m110 because it is a model one - tenth design. besides its my gun and I can call it what ever I like
  14. Two of my weapons. My VSR Custom made m110
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