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  1. Well the matte box is an older one from a 60s camera.. The viewfinder is from a digibeta camera.. the main bits are aluminium (with paint coming off :P).. Going to be transformed again for GH2 use :) This way I can actually use it to make video's without trouble.. Hope the GH2 is pretty nice as photo camera as well..

  2. On this new format when you visit a sub forum you don't immediatly see a list of the pages of a thread like you used to.


    Now you have to hover your cursor over the thread name for it to appear, this used to be permanently visible


    None of the page lists visible now:



    Hover over a topic bar and they become visible:


  3. FW200 is that artificial wear or just beat up? either way it looks awesome.


    Reply is a bit late but still..

    It's just beat up, the handguards were fairly newish Soviet ones at one point.. Now they're a bit more worn due to handling and the dust of the War & Peace Show. (Carrying it around in a BMP works as well.. though it did break the stock catch as you can see)

  4. Heavy much?



    How much does that russian vest weigh?


    Do the panels flap around much?


    It's about 9kg I think. I'm missing a couple of plates so don't know the exact full weight. It is noticably heavier in the front though. Not much flapping around if you secure it properly and adjust it to your size.



    Why titanium in the front and ceramic in the back?

    They probably figured ceramic in front and back would be too heavy and did this to still offer some protection.


    Besides, the only way you should move is toward the enemy :P Just kidding. The rear shouldn't really be considered to be bulletproof, it's more for protection against shrapnel.


    It's doable to skirmish in it, though mid summer it's not that handy.



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