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  1. Sounds more like a Yugo M92 to me.. http://www.alliedarmament.com/Yugo_m92_closed_op_800x408.jpg
  2. You can not get a real AKMSU flashhider (mostly because only one got made.. )... There was word that a shop in the USA would start making reproductions, but there have been no updates in quite some time.. Picture of the only AKMSU around: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v143/Stottman/AKMSU1.jpg Flashhider: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v143/Stottman/akmsu3.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v143/Stottman/akmsu4.jpg
  3. Ak-102 (5.56), Ak-104 (7.62) and Ak-105 (5.45) are the carbines of the Ak100 series.
  4. Soviet VDV in Afghanistan Afgankha bdu KZS top Jackboots 6B4 Body armour Panama Ssh-60 RPG goggles MON-50 pouch Aks-74 with tourniquet and medikit
  5. He could also do a wood RPKS-74N.. those were also made..
  6. Last one is an Egyptian Maadi, Folding stock was East German pattern, the East Germans made those for export, and the Egyptians decided to produce them as well.
  7. Not an Ak, and it's real so what is it doing here
  8. FW200

    Unholy Fusions

    RPOC-14-4 Cross between an OC-14 Groza and a RPK-74 Hey they have assault weapons in 9x39 and sniper rifles in 9x39, why not a support weapon?
  9. You're aware that just about EVERYTHING is different between the Ak-47 and the Ak-74?
  10. I'd get a Kalash or Cyma above a G&G imo.. had nothing but trouble with my G&G Rk103..
  11. Yeah Galil is a variant of the Finnish Rk.62 line of assault rifles, which was based on the Soviet Ak-47... Infact, first galil's were made on Finnish receivers.. And it's not the first Galil to be posted in one of the Ak pic threads.. not sure where but they've been posted before..
  12. Khyber Pass Type 56: Completly homemade.
  13. Actually it will... There are quite oddities made in the khyber pass valley.. All of them qualify as a Khyber Pass Ak..
  14. Older pic of my PPK/S...
  15. You got any more info on that sidefolder? some closeup pics? Looks pretty cool
  16. Thanks Yup. over an Afgankha jacket. On top I'm wearing a 6B4
  17. Tula never made the Aks-74N I'd say it's about a 79-83 Izhmash Aks-74N
  18. Odd angle on the stock, again the ugly pistolgrip, ribbs on the top cover look too pronounced, no cutout on the bolt carrier, odd looking handguards (cutout too big etc), odd looking dimple (too small for a Tula Aks-74U) .. These may be minor things to most people but when combined make for an ugly Aks-74U.. A lot of clones available these days look a lot better. It just looks too odd compared to the other ones on the market at this point and compared to real ones..
  19. It's ICS. Again proving they can't make proper Ak's.
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